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    Generate Barcode in CF7 or CF8

    Lucky_Kitty Level 1
      Looking to see if it's possible to generate a barcode in CF 7 or CF8. Ideally, I'd query the db, and write to cfdocument, and include a barcode with record specific data.
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          Steve Sommers Level 4
          It is possible, I've done it in the past. Google "bar code generation library source" and you should be able to find something. I ran into a serious problem though, I was generating a GIF and visually it seemed correct but whether or not a reader could actually read the bar seemed to be dependent on the browser and the printer used to print the bar code. The failure rate was about 50%. If we were only writing an internal corporate application and had control over the browser and printers used, we probably could have used it. Unfortunately this application was for the masses so we crap canned it.

          Now we did find an alternative bar code format that was much more browser and printer friendly (98+% success rate), I forget the name but it's the blob pattern looking thing that Fandango and others use. The problem is that the readers that read this format are a little more expensive and someone holds patent to the format so there is some hefty licensing fees involved (at least there was 5 or so years ago when we research this - $10K per server).

          Good luck. Hope this helps.
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            kim il sung Level 1
            Barbecue - Java barcode generator

            see usage from attached code

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              natg504 Level 1
              I just downloaded the application (Barbecue - Java barcode generator), and I would like to use the CF code in the previous post, but I don't know how to set up Barbecue, since it's in Java. How do those work together? What do I need to do to set it up?

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                kim il sung Level 1
                setup is very easy: just copy jar file to cf server custom tags directory.
                thats all.
                cf server will look from this directory barbecue jar file when executing your cf code.
                Kim il Sung