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    Problems with purchase mapping with Paypal

    alexdejesus Level 1

      I am designing a purchasing order form that somehow isn't translating well with Paypal. It integrates with Paypal, but when I test it, the quantity field is interpreted as a price field. I started out with the 'Sales Order' template. The keystrokes in the video tutorial are vague and seem to skip a step. I am just not understanding it.


      What type of fields will add a purchase to the Paypal order?


      In the Paypal 'Collect Payments' section, the Price field will not accept a fixed price. The 'User input' dropdown includes a 'Fixed Price' but when I click it it says "The selected price type is not valid for this purchase field. The change will be reverted." The 'Quantity' field registers a $1 amount for each item in the order.