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    Need advice on setting up a form

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      I am videotaping a bodybuilding contest next weekend and I need to make an order form for the contestants to order videos from me. I tried to build one from a FC template, but the form fields are not being interpreted correctly by Paypal. For example, the price field on the form is being seen as a quantity field. I want to start from the beginning because i cannot figure out what is wrong.


      The contestants' contact info seems to work well on the form. There is also a place where they indicate what categories they are in and their registration numbers for identification.


      BUt the purchase items are where there is a problem. There are just three items for sale to put on the form: two different DVDs and a Web video clip. I need to know how to list these items on the form so that Palpal can process them for purchase.


      Here's what I set up the form previously:


      Name/Address/Phone info took up the top of the form.

      The middle section contained the multiple choice fields for them to indicate what they are competing in. Ex., Bodybuilding, Heavyweight

      In the purchase section, I entered 3 rows of text fields for Item, price, quantity of the three items for sale. 


      I posted a similar question regarding this earlier. I suppose I should have added to it instead of create this other thread. My apologies.


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          In form desig tab, you can use checkbox fields to list the two different DVDs and Web video clip. Put the name and price of purchase items into the the caption of the checkbox field and use Text field as quantity for each purchase item- please note you need to change the Text field type to Number. Please refer below image.




          And then go to Option tab->Collect Payments to set your paypal account and purchase fields. When you set purchase fields, you need to add three purchase fields, and select your purchase item from Purchase Field dropdown list, select Quantity from Quantity Field dropdown list, and input each purchase item's price into Price field. Please refer below image.


          When fill up the form, you need to select the purchase item that you want to buy and input the quantity, then when submit the form, it will go to paypal to finish the purchase process in paypal.


          Hope it will help you. And please let me know, if you need I share my sample form with you.




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            Awesome! Thank you.