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    Selecting only the subhead

    gert verrept Level 2

      This is my problem:

      I have a paragraph composed of the words "TITEL (+ a number)", next is a blank line, next is the subtitle, followed by a blank line.

      What I'm trying to do is, with a grep, to isolate the lines with the subtitle ONLY. In that way we could apply a para or char style to just the selection. I'd like to automate it, because sometimes we got hundreds of those repeating strings in the law texts.


      TITEL 2 (followed by \r\r)



      This is the subtitle (followed by \r\r) ------> this what should get seletected and changed in another char of para style



      Art. 2

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. You should not create any empty line or paragraph, use space before and after in the paragraph properties which you should define in a paragraph style.
          2. For the subtitle I would recommend to set up its own paragraph style.
          3. For the combination first line first paragraph style,subtitle second paragraph style, in the first paragraph style define next style, when selecting several paragraphs apply in the paragraph style panel and right mouse click this paragraph style (when selected the correct one) and next paragraph style.


          A GREP style can only be done in a paragraph not in several paragraphs.

          Alternative you can also use line styles, which will use another character style in the second line. This would require, that the Title has never more than one line. I would not recommend it.

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            gert verrept Level 2



            We are bound to some rules, one of them is "not use space before or after".

            I have para styles for all my paragraphs, no problem.

            The use of the "next style" is ok, but if you have to do it hundreds of times in the same doc, it gets boring an time consuming.

            I'm not using a grep STYLE, I was looking for a grep expression which could help me.


            Thanks any how for the quick reply.



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              TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Check out my script "Change Consecutive Paragraphs" on

              www.freelancebookdesign.com, under the scripting tab.


              It might help (for a small cost).