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    cs 5.5 constant crashes, so cleaned media cache. Now audio through entire project scrambled.


      Hi all. I've been using premiere pro cs 5.5 to edit my first short film.


      It's been a big task just learning the program. Well first I had to learn to use a DSLR. Then the zoom h4n. Then lighting. Etc etc. Then when I had the footage, I learnt how to use premiere pro. And it's killing me.


      First. Premiere Pro doesn't like DSLR audio. When it imports the audio, it's often scrambled. It's not out sync so much as it's like upon import, it's been sped up. That wasn't a killer though, because I was only using the dslr audio to sync, the zoom audio was fine and I used 'dual eyes' to sync about 80% of the audio.


      But after colour grading my film, i started to experience constant crashes. "adobe has experienced a problem and needs to close". But I save a lot, so I haven't lost a lot of work, just a lot of time from restarting my PC. But I read on this site that crashes could be fixed by cleaning the media cache. So I did. and yes, no crashes since then.


      But today, I noticed that the films score had become scrambled. Just like the dslr audio. But it's an mp3. So I reimported. the mp3 is now full of pops and clicks. I should mention now that NONE of these audio problems occur when the files are played in a media player, only when they're played in premiere pro. So I renamed the file, reimported and it's fine. I relined the score up, and now, I'm done. My first short film! Literally hundreds of hours of work, finished!


      So I play it. And notice than a lot of the audio is now scrambled. And it's not the dslr audio. It's ALL of my audio.


      I haven't cried. I tell myself "making films is easier than ever before, this is just another hurdle". But now all of my imported audio files are exhibiting this problem. It's quite ironic, the hardest thing about the project has been researching how to use premiere pro. Work for 10 mins, spend 2hrs researching another issue. Not to say it's a bad product, but it's been tough. This final thing however... I just don't know what to do. I'm afraid to try anything now in case it makes things worse. I've been working on this every day for months, i can start again but I really don't want to.


      What the heck should my next step be? I'm leaning towards uninstalling and then reinstalling, reopening the saved project and reimporting everything. And crossing everything that I can possibly cross.


      Any help would be more than welcome. Thanks in advance.


      I'm running on an i7-3820 @ 4.4ghz, 16GB ram and an AMD 7970 (so no mercury engine). My scratch disks are 1) 256gb SSD and 2) 10,000rpm 500GB sata3.


      So the hardware is good. I took down the overclock as soon as premiere started crashing, even though everything else is stable, but it made no difference at all.


      Upon 2nd look though, the problem is not as bad as I feared. It's probably less than 20% of my audio that's scrambled. Which is still pretty bad though, now I have to re-sync it from scratch. More wasted time. And that's presuming I can get it to import properly.


      I am now, literally terrified of adjusting any settings at all, in case it causes more damage to the project. I have been working on this for months, it's the worst timing that it would happen now, at the 11th hour!