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    4:3 footage has black bars even with 4:3 project setting--can they be removed?


      Hi there. My first post on the forums, so please be kind!


      I've imported some archival footage that is 4:3 aspect ratio. I open a 'new' project and click change settings, and select either of the two available project settings that have 4:3 aspect ratios (NTS  - DV - Standard or NTSC - Hard Disk - Standard) . But when I import the footage into Premiere, I still get a (slight) black bar on both the right and left sides of the image—it's not properly flush, even though the aspect ratio of my setting matches the aspect ratio of my footage. The footage I'm using is from archive.org, so the footage is all from the '50s or so. I know it's not a problem with the Archive footage, since I could import it into my ten-year-old Dell into Windows Movie Maker and it would be flush with the aspect ratio. The only thing I can think to do is stretch the image slightly so it makes it flush, but that's incredibly time-consuming when you're working with multiple clips--and it degrades the image and cuts off visual footage. Is there a better way to fix this--get the black bars on the right and left to go away so it's all image?


      Edit: Included a picture in case it helps.example.jpg


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