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    What Program Can I Use To Write Children's Music Book?


      Ok, I am desperate in need of some professional advice.

      I am writing a method book for children, it involves many images, big, small, different sizes... and very little text. 


      I have been writing my drafts on Word but soon realized that Word will not help me in organizing my layout. I also have music excerpts which I write on Finale. I need to know if InDesign would be an ideal program to put files from Word and Finale together, and make a consistent layout throughout. I just downloaded the InDesign trial, and I am having trouble using it, but I am new to it, so if someone says InDesign is going to be ideal to put things together, I will learn it for sure. If anyone also has a good site or book or youtube link about how to organize a book on InDesign to recommend for total new beginner like me, I will be grateful! Another technical question would be, how can I import my files from Finale and Word to InDesign?

      Hope to hear from someone soon...... hello.. someone.. help...