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    Pages not updated on template change

    Ferllings Level 1



      I having an issue after Upgrading Dreamweaver from CS5 to CS6. (OSX)

      (The feature was working fine on CS5)


      When I update a tempate, the pages that are using it are not updated automatically.

      If I try 'Updates pages...' > 'Files that use...' > 'My Template', it does not work either:


        files examined: 0
        files updated: 0
        files which could not be updated: 0
      total time: (0:00:00)


      Why files examined = 0?


      The only way that work are:

      - 'Updates pages...' > 'Entire site'


      - On an individual page : 'Update page'


      - I've tried to reinstall CS6

      - Clear the cache

      - Recreate the project

      - reassociate the page to templates (with 'Update page on template changes' checked)


      Any idea?


      Thanks for your help.