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    Application variables are undefined?


      Hi All,


      These days I am getting some weird errors like,



      Element DATASOURCE is undefined in APP.

      Element DATASOURCE is undefined in SESSION.

      Variable LANG_LOC is undefined. (that UDF is included in global.cfm, which is in a common template)



      Detail Story:-

      There are 3 modules in my application. Each modules contains separate module specific "application.cfm".

      And two common files "global.cfm" and "config.cfm" (These are included in all module specific "application.cfm" file).

      "config.cfm" is included in "global.cfm", and "global.cfm" is included in "application.cfm".


      The <cfapplication> tag is present in "config.cfm", which implies all modules in the application shares same application name.

      The "global.cfm" and "config.cfm" includes 2 cfm tempates contain some common UDFs

      All SESSION specific variables are defined in "config.cfm" file.



      The application has been running last 3-4 yrs. without showing any issues. But suddenly started getting above Variable Undefined error from Production server.



      Environment Details:-

      productlevel: Enterprise

      productname ColdFusion Server

      productversion : 10,0,0,283111

      Windows Server 2008



      NOTE: Application file name is "application.cfm".



      The most interesting thing is from "Development" or "Staging" environment, I have never seen these issues so far. It's happening only in production environment, and most of these issues occurred only once.



      Can anybody have gone through these types of issues in the application?



      Please suggest some possible workarround for this.



      Thanks in Advance.