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    Transparency Flattener Creates Low Res Images

    Elisabetta S Level 1

      Hello all!


      I produce a lot of vector graphics in Illustrator which I then import into InDesign. Some of my work needs to be printed and needs to follow the PDFX-1/A standard. Even with transparency flattener set to high resolution once I run the file in Adobe Acrobat for preflight it will pick up low res images, which are the result of InDesign's flattening. If I save the same image from Illustrator to a raster format (say JPG) it will stay at 300 ppi as the flattener doesn't do anything to the image.


      Here is a screenshot showing you my settings for the high res flattener presets (which are the default).



      I really don't see where the problem is! Any ideas?