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    Slow performance with Acrobat




      So our office is having an issue with calculates and very slow performance.


      On half the computers (Windows 7) so about 5 out of 10 as soon as you have more then a few calculates any form starts to become slow when hiding and showing fields.


      We never had this issue on our slower window XP computers. I also have slow down on my home computer running windows 8.


      According to the the start and stop time of the code its only taking a milisecond to process the code but a delay is showing on screen.



      Running acrobat in virtural XP Mode (on windows7) we dont see the delay in but in windows 7 on the same manchine has slow preformance .

      Running in Safe mode in Win 7 runs fine.


      And I know calculates are not the best place for code cause it runs over and over again but we never had an issues till recent.


      Its very frustration when it something works fine on your computer and you go to the same computer setup next to you and its slow.


      Any ideas?