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    New Document Facing Pages


      I'm new to InDesign. Every time I start a new document it begines with a single None Page. If I add a spread of facing pages (I guess that is what it's called, 2 pages booklet style) they come after the single none page. If I delete the single none page one of facing pages becomes the new none page. I don't want that.


      What I want is double page spreads only. I'm creating a booklet and I don't want single sheets in there at all. The first 2 pages will be the cover and back cover, the next 2 will be pages 1 and 2 of the book. And so on. It's messing me up to have a single blank page at the beginning and I can't get rid of it.


      Can someon help? I'll put an image here to try to explain. I'm not sure that I am saying it correctly.



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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you're sending this to the printers then you need to have all pages in sequence from Front Cover - page 1 - page 2 - 3 - 4 -5 -6 -7 -8 etc. Back Cover.


          If it's yourself then this will work too - you need the pages in sequence then use File>Print Booklet (making sure you have mutlple of 4, i.e., 20 or 24 - not 22 pages)



          Can you clarify what your output intent is?


          Page 1 and all Odd Numbered pages are traditioanlly Right Hand Pages - and all Even Page Numbers are traditionally Left Hand Pages.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            ID likes to adhere to publishing convention, where, in countries that use left-to-right reading, odd numbered pages are on the right and even numbers are on the left, and your doucment is normally set up as it will appear to your reader when bound, so the first page should be alone, as the cover of a closed book. The back cover also should be a single page.


            In your screen cap, by the way, all of your pages are based on the A master, not on the None master, which is normal if you have not added any additional master pages or manually assigned the None master.


            If you insist on going against convention and swapping page numbering left and right, you must disable page shuffling.

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              defiantclass Level 1

              Thank you both.


              And certainly don't insist on doing anything at all. I'm just trying to make it happen the best way, and as it makes sense to me with limited knowledge. The final out will be a booklet, yes. But it will be a very small booket, only 4.5 in wide and 7.5 in tall (including bleed), like a pamplet. I am anticipating right and left pages coming out of the printer one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper (landscape) and then get folded in half to form a booklet. I should have mentioned this, sorry. That probably makes a big difference doesn't it?


              So in my designing of it I am considering that the left hand side of the first sheet will be the front cover (since the paper will be folded in half). And the right side of that first sheet of paper will become the back cover after it is folded.


              I will print double sided (or have the printer print double sided) so what will be page 3 (as far as InDesign is concerned) will be page 1 of the booklet and will be printed on the back side of the front cover. And on from there.


              I think this information may change my question if we consider the 2 pages will print on 1 sheet of standard size paper and then get folded in half. And this is why having that one single none page at the beginning is causing me trouble.


              Thanks again.

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                John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                A couple of things:


                1. What Peter began explaining above is that InDesign presents your pages in reading order, ('reader spreads'). Mechanically, this is unrelated to the imposed order, ('printer spreads'), you envision coming out of the printer. Most times, you would do your work in reader spreads and leave imposition for a subsequent step just prior to final output. This is where InDesign's Print Booklet function comes in. It takes your reader spreads and reorders (imposes) them to arrive at printer spreads.


                I am considering that the left hand side of the first sheet will be the front cover


                2. Not necessarily essential to the workflow, but just to get your head around it right: Your description of front cover / back cover setup is reversed. The right side of the spread would be the front cover. If you're going to undertake manual imposition, it's easy to get it wrong.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  Your life will be MUCH easier if you set up the page size at the trim size of the folded booklet, add a bleed allowance, work with the file as your readers will see it, and use Print Booklet (or one of the other options like a script or plugin) to impose the file during print or export to PDF if you plan to print this yourself. If handing off to a commercial printer, they are going to want a PDF of single pages in consecutive order. Trying to set up in Printer's spreads is an exercise in frustration and an invitation to error.

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                    defiantclass Level 1

                    You are correct, I did mean to say the right would be the front cover, definetly.


                    Now, with that in mind, and the fact that I will have 2 printed pages on each single sheet of paper, I do still believe the this None page is getting in my way and I would like to figure out how to get rid of it. All I want are double pages like I showed in my attachment.


                    Unless of course my stategy should be to use 8.5 x 11 sized pages in InDesign and just format 2 pages on each. But I don't know how to make the margin and bleed settings for 2 pages like that.


                    Well, anyway, I'm starting to confuse myself. I would just like to find out how to get rid of the single none page. Can that be done?

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                      Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      That's not how you set it up for printing.


                      I advise you stick to the tried and trusted method, or you will incur extra charges at the printers for having to fix your supplied file.

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                        defiantclass Level 1

                        Understood. I'll follow these directions from all of you. Thanks very much!