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    Clip becomes choppy in final video render.. does changing speed/duration cause this?

    jepoy16 Level 1

      Let me just preface by saying that I am new at video editing, I'm basically a graphic designer that was thrown a PremierePro CS5.5 by my boss and told to make some promo videos. So please be easy on me if this is a totally noob question.


      So i've finished editing a 30 sec promo video, everything looks fine except for a couple of clips that seem to look choppier than the rest. The vids were shot with a DSLR at 29.97 fps and I've rendered the final video at the same fps. I've also tweaked render settings a few different ways but its still the two clips that come out slightly choppy. Finally, i decided to look into these two problem clips on my timeline and found that the only thing that differentiated them from the rest of the clips is that I changed the speed/duration on both of them (i also did color correction on both).


      Is there a rule about changing speed/duration on a clip that a noob like me should know about? Thanks in advance!