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    PDF submission download


      When I upgrade to the paid FormsCentral service, will the submitted form that I can download look like the original form or will it be a bunch of fields in a row? I want it to look like the orginal form as I will need to print this form for the patient to sign, etc. when they come in to our office.


      Here is the form we are using:



      If the form will be different, do you have another suggestion as to how this might work for me? We are currently only allowing patients to fill out the form, print themselves, and then bring with them to their appointment due to privacy concerns.



      Tommy Vaughan

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          The submissions go into the "view responses" database in an "excel" type format. If you want them to look like the original PDF, then you can select the row of the submission, then "save as pdf" and it will save the submission the way it looked when the form was filled out. Bear in mind, you will have to do this for every row, there is no way to mass export submission rows as PDFs that I am aware of.