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    button won't highlight ; is it causing other button misbehaviour?

    nefl777 Level 1

      I've spent hours on this and can't figure it out! need help.  I have a regular menu with a Previous, Next, and Main button in addition to other Chapter buttons.


      here are the settings


      Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 12.27.41 PM.png

      My problem is (during preview this menu) when I place the cursor over Main and Previous, no "hand" appears; in other words it cannot be selected. "girls just want to have fun" CAN be selected.   The' Next' IS able to be selected, while the 'Act2 Finale' cannot be selected. The  settings look right to me.   what am I missing?  please help! I just know it's something stupid that I can't see.  THANKS !