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    Rendering time advice


      Hey folks


      I recently bought a new notebook for editing (I know it's not the best option, but it had to be a notebook, not a desktop). It has a quite good configuration (Core i7, 8GB RAM, GeForce GT 630M 2GB/ Windows 7 64 bits) and I thought it wouldn't hold me back on Premiere and After Effects because of this reasonable specs.


      But I feel my notebook is kinda "underachieving". I often have slow downs when live rendering a working project (and most of them do not have too much effects or something more complex). That forces me to work only with half or even quarter of the complete resolution in order to keep the flow and prevent time wasting.


      I know it's hard to specify a parameter to check whether or not the project is heavy, but here's my try:


      I'm working on an After Effects CS6 Project (1280x720, 720p 5:40 minutes lenght, )


      - It has an imported Premiere Pro CS6 project footage (same resolution, same lenght) that contains Magic Bullet Looks, Unsharpen Mask and other 2 color correction plugins applied on every scene


      In AE:


      - Minor color correction + deinterlacing on imported Premiere project


      - 15 motion tracked pre-composed layers - each one with 6 layers inside  (3~4 seconds average duration each/ 50 seconds total)


      - 2 burn overlay layers along all the footage (5:20 min total)


      -10 quick burn overlay layers set along the footage (2 seconds average duration each/ 17 seconds total)


      - 5 pictures (still or motion tracked) to hide some elements on specific scenes - (30 seconds total)


      - Simple animation with 2D layers and some text (10 seconds)


      And I'm using a total of 20GB source files.That's it, basically.


      After Effects takes more than 10 hours to render an uncompressed .avi (23GB) from that. I tried to setup my computer as faster as possible, like deactivating aero and other unecessary things, unsuccessfully. Tried some combinations with Multiprocessing, apparently no real difference.


      So, I would just like to know if 10 hours is actually an "ok" result for rendering something like that with my computer, or it really should be taking less time.


      Can you guys give me some advice? Thanks!

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          If you are using DynamicLink, you could easily exhaust all your system's resources. Also the real culprit here is probably the Premiere color correction stuff and MB Looks, which you force into quirks mode by using it that way...



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            matheusrvdc Level 1

            Thanks Mylenium, I appreciate your help.


            In fact the DynamicLink was really slowing down the rendering process. I exported the Premiere edited footage and then imported to AE, and then the rendering time decreased a lot.


            But there's something curious. Today, on the first time I used the rendered Premiere footage as source. After Effects took incredibles 25 minutes. Unfortunately, that base footage had some mistakes and I had to redo the process. But this time, when rendering the final output file the remaining time changed to 4 hours. How about this big difference? It's the same project, same files, same RAM consumption...I don't even have a clue.


            Anyway, I'm considering buying a 128GB SSD for SO and softwares, or a 1TB External HD to free-up my HD space and maybe store the source files of my projects - but my computer doesn't have neither eSata nor Firewire conections. Wich would be the best option?

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Flush the disk cache/ media cache. Sounds like AE is taking forever to verify existing cache data.



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                matheusrvdc Level 1

                Thank you so much, Mylenium! My rendering time jumped from 3 hours to 50 minutes!


                That happened because my cache was full? How many GBs should be reserved for that?