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    When I export, artifacts and pixelation shows up. Solutions?

    bryanhumane Level 1

      This is strange and only started happening a few weeks ago. When I export (always H264 1080p, but does so in other resolutions as well) there is often strange artifcat pixelation. I can re-export and sometimes it won't be there at all, or sometimes in other places in videos. This is becoming a real pain in the butt. Please notice the glitch on the man between 5 and 12 seconds in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV6LEe0CCl8&feature=youtu.be


      Also, sometimes the video in the preview monitor will be fuzzy when video is playing, but crisp when it's stopped. Started happening at the same time as well. Any suggestions to start fixing this problem would be great, thank you so much.