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    FrameMaker11 w/FrameScript5.2 Issue


      Recently we upgraded to FrameMaker 11 from FrameMaker 6. We also upgraded to FrameScript 5.2 to be able to use scripts to automate saving books as PDF files (one of the scripts updates the conditionial settings in the book, saves the book as a single PDF file at the location provided on the reference page and closes the book). For some reason the script that worked great with FM6 does not seem to work so great with FM11. It creates a good PDF file but then it keeps processing the book for several more minutes (FM6 closed the book right after creating the PDF file). If the book contains more than 35-40 files, FM11 crashes after a few minutes locking some of the files in the book. This happens only if the files in the book are not opened. If all the files in book are opened the script will work -- but it still takes a few minutes after creating the PDF file to process all the files and close the book (taking all the computer processing power to do it -- new Dell M6600 laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Intel i7 CPU and 16GB of RAM). Has anyone experienced anything like that?


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