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    Web service access error:  javax.servlet.ServletException: https is forbidden


      We have Coldfusion 10 configured on an IIS web site using a GoDaddy provided SSL certificate.  When we try to access a web service we receive a 500 error from the server.  When we look at the application log we see the following record:


      "Error","ajp-bio-8012-exec-2","06/17/13","14:20:19","SmartPriceAdmin","The web service operation caused an invocation exception.The root cause was that: javax.servlet.ServletException: https is forbidden The specific sequence of files included or processed is: C:\WebSites\Something\SMARTPriceServices.cfc'' "



      C:\WebSites\Something\SMARTPriceServices.cfc is the location on the server where the actual web service file resides.



      I'm not the sites developer but I'm trying to aid him in finding the issue.  We've added the sites SSL certificate through the SSL Certificate Management feature of the Administrator and restarted the Coldfusion 10 Appllication Service but it had no effect.  Any help would be very appreciated.