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    How can I create an action that dynamically appends the filename, when saving?


      I have created a batch file that watches a folder for .jpgs. When a jpg is found, it runs a Photoshop droplet that resizes and exports six different sizes of the same image, then closes the image. This all works fine, however the step I am stuck on is getting Photoshop to dynamically rename the files. What I mean is when I drop in a file named something like filename.jpg, I want the images to be named according to the width of resize. Exported files should be filename-1400.jpg, filename-1200.jpg, filename-800.jpg, etc. filename2.jpg would become filename2-1400.jpg, filename2-1200.jpg, filename-800.jpg. As it is now, Photoshop names the files the same names I saved them as, while creating the actions.


      I am using Photoshop CS6.