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    Slideshow in interactive pdf (PDF is not a slideshow)


      Hi, I am looking to create a slideshow in interactive pdf.


      My first try i used images and created an object state.  I exported it to test and it didnt work.  The only way this option would work is to save as .swf.  I dont want document to be a swf but pdf.  So I found another solution to save the slideshow seperate as a swf and place into the pdf.  It works.  exported and it works.  This seems to be the better way. 


      Now the only issue is that when I open the interactive pdf, the slideshow shows up as a flash button.  You have to click on it for the slideshow to show up but it does work.


      Is there a better way, or is there a way to automatically show the slideshow vs the flash button.


      Ive uploaded it to drop box here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pkoqrb6n1ndpsqn/sAUk-gDPky




      portfolio1 screenshot.JPG portfolio  screenshot current.JPG