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    changing colour on tiff´s in InDesign




      In doing some changes to a layout of a frontpage, originally made around 2002 with Pagemaker, - and later changed with InDesign.

      In the layout a typefont was used, that doesn´t exist digitally, so the Letraset-sheets were scanned to tiff, and some steps were taken in Adobe Type Manager or Photoshop. Now all the letters appear in ID as .icml. Where two or more of the same letter is used, it´s icml2, icml3 a.s.o.


      I need to put in some additional letters.

      I´ve skanned these with exactly the same settings as those in the first layout, saved them as TIFFs, opened them in Photoshop as bitmaps, added a transparent layer, saved as TIFF, keeping the transparency,

      and that´s were I am.

      When I insert the TIFF´s into InDesign, for some reason I cannot -

      1) change the color from black to what I want

      2) scale the letter

      and the TIFF, when inserted into InDesign, acts strangely. When I move it, a yellow frame is moved, and the letter stays where it is.


      Can someone point me in the right direction?

      Do I need to use The Bridge?