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    CF8 cfdocuments new bugs (font size, bold, underline...)

    obouillaud Level 1

      I face the following problems after upgrading from CF 7.0.2 to CF8 + Cumulative Hotfix 1 :
      - bold and underline generates white space around them if they are embedded in a sentence (i.e "this is <bold>bold text </bod> and it is fun")
      - font size behavior has changed, the text is now bigger. (My font-size: 12px is bigger than before)
      - when reducing it (i.e font-size: 11px) the bold/underline problem becomes the opposite : instead of white space, I have overlapping texts.

      We use a html 4.01 transitional doctype and CSS styles (i.e div class="myclass" and .myclass{..} in a separate css file)

      Any suggestion ?