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    Top load or preload swf files

      Hi - I have another AS2 question as Im not very good and can't seem to get it cracked. I have a flash site (main.swf) that has 2 stage intro's (intro.swf & enter.swf), because of the file sizes I need to preload or topload them as the previous one plays. eg. after intro.swf has loaded and starts playing I need enter.swf to load and pause until intro.swf has played out and when enter.swf is playing I need main.swf to load - so to achieve an almost seamless animation through the intros to the main site but still keeping the quality of the animations (large file size 3d animations).
      Is this possible - I've had a look at some samples on flashkit.com but none seem to have the desired effect.
      Thanx in advance for any input.