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    cfpdf merge unable to instantiate com.adobe...PDFBookmark object fr




      I'm trying to merge two pdfs, one from a variable using cfdocument (A) and the other from an actual file  (B).  (A) would remains constant but (B) would change depending on what users upload.  Once in a while I would get the following error especially when (B) is a verizon bill in pdf. 


      CFPDF action="merge"

      Error","jrpp-1822","......","Unable to instantiate com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.pdf.interactive.navigation.PDFBookmark object from CosObject. The specific sequence of files included or processed is:[], line: 493 "

      java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.pdf.interactive.navigation.PDFBookmark object from CosObject.

                at com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.pdf.document.PDFCosFactory.newObject(Unknown Source)

                at com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.pdf.document.PDFCosFactory.getInstance(Unknown Source)

                at com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.pdf.interactive.navigation.PDFBookmark.getInstance(Unknown Source)

                at com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.pdf.interactive.navigation.PDFBookmarkNode.getLastKid(Unkno wn Source)

                at com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.services.manipulations.PMMBookmark.walkBookmarksTree(Unknow n Source)

                at com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.services.manipulations.PMMBookmark.appendBookmarks(Unknown Source)

                at com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.services.manipulations.PMMService.insertPagesinRange(Unknow n Source)

                at com.adobe.internal.pdftoolkit.services.manipulations.PMMService.appendPages(Unknown Source)

                at coldfusion.pdf.PDFDocOperation.merge(PDFDocOperation.java:435)

                at coldfusion.tagext.lang.PDFParamTag.doStartTag(PDFParamTag.java:196)


      However (B) doesn't seem to have any bookmark.  I can open (B) from any pdf viewer but when I merge A and B, the error will occur.    Has anyone come across this issue?   I'm using coldfusion 9 which has an older iText engine.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!