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        Sylvester26814 Level 1

        Re: Adobe Audition CS6


        All the links above to purchase CS6 are now dead.  I'm not surprised as they are 4 years old.  On the off chance, I just phoned Adobe customer support and asked if I could still by it.  He told me no, and that it has not been available to purchase outright from Adobe (no subscription) for many years.  He did say rare, 3rd party resellers on-line may still have scarce copies for sale.  I did fine these:






        Because of my operating system, I can only use CS6 and nothing later.  At the moment, I am on a monthly subscription @ CC and have paid $80 so far.  The only products of Adobe I will use and are interested in are Audition and maybe Acrobat Standard.  The rest I have not the money nor interest, sorry.


        I'm heading in the wrong direction, cannot justify this and will cancel the subscription.

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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          It is unfortunate that the subscription for single applications is vastly over priced. If you use all of the video products available then the full package sub is probably pretty good value. I'm sure that Adobe would get a lot more customers if they could reduce the single app subscription.

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