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    Sudden slowdown in CS6

    DavePinMinn Level 1

      I'll apologize in advance 'cause this is really nebulous..........


      Windows 7; I-920 processor; 12GB DDR3 memory; 2, Graphics:  Ati 5770; 1TB 7200 rpm drives for images; 2, 1TB 7200 rpm internal drives for backups and cache.


      I have my catalog on a separate spindle in it's own partition.  Same for cache, separate spindle, partition of it's own, on a disk only used for backup, so nothing else is touching it.


      CS6 has always worked fine for me.  I'm editing Nikon D300 images as .dng files,  generally loading them from Lightroom, so my usual workload is whatever's in background, Outlook, Lightroom 4.4, and Photoshop cs6.  As far as I KNOW, nothing has changed in quite some time.  CS6 is 13.0.1 X64, and I believe it's been that way for a while.


      A couple weeks ago, I noticed that selecting a layer was "slow", or seemingly much slower than it had been.  For example, my usual workflow has a layer for cloning, a layer for dodging, one for burning, an adjustment layer for curves and an adjustment layer for hue/sat.  If I'm on Layer 0, and click on the Clone layer, it takes approximately 2 seconds to switch.  Clicking on the hue/sat layer takes approximately the same 2 seconds.  Previously, I know I never noticed the time to change layers, so I suspect it was


      Changing tools, likewise, is significantly slower than it was previously.


      In case it is/was something systemic, I checked the event logs, but I'm not throwing any errors in either the application section OR the system section.


      I thought it might be a virus, so in addition to my daily run of Microsoft Security Essentials, I went to the online version of Trend Micro and had that do a full scan.  It found only a couple registry errors that weren't actually errors, just artifacts.


      I went through running services and turned off anything I didn't need, and went online and shut down any I didn't want running while testing.


      So far, NOTHING has made any difference.


      The only thing I'm seeing, and I've always had this, Photoshop uses a LOT of memory.  At the moment, with one D300, dng file open, CS6 is using 7.75 GB of memory, an d Lightroom is using 1.8 GB.  And, I believe if I GAVE Photoshop more memory it would use it. 


      At present, my preferences for performance are set at:

      Available RAM:  10987 MB

      Ideal:  6043-7911

      PS Use: 8140 

      History and cache are

      Tall and Thin


      Big and Flat

      History States are 90 - this is down from 150, which I'd always used in the past

      Cache levels: 6 - down from 8

      Cache Tile Size: 1024K


      Drawing Mode:  Advanced (I've tried both normal and advanced, and it doesn't APPEAR to affect anytyhing)

      Use Graphics Process is checked

      30-bit display is checked.


      Finally, in an effort to determine if I'm REALLY seeing a problem or just crazy, I went to my laptop, an i-720, 8GB system with a much less capable video card and images, catalog, and cache all on the same spindle, opened a file and played.......

      Even on the laptop, although intensive operations are slower, I have easily sub-second response time to changing tools and switching from layer to layer.  Again, either operation is virtually instantaneous.  Which tells me there's SOMETHING going on with my desktop.


      So, are there settings I should look at changing or even just experiment with?  Something systemic I should look at?  Blow it all away and re-install (an UGLY option)...  Thoughts?

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Have you opened the Task Manager and checked the Processes tab to see if anything else is stealing CPU cycles, and the Performance tab to check CPU and RAM usage during your normal workflow, or if anything is happening when it shouldn't be?  For instance, I am showing 0% CPU with Outlook IE10 and CS6 open but idle, and 4Gb (out of 32Gb).


          You mention partitions.  In fact you seem to refer to multiple partitions.  If you go ask your question on the Premeire Pro Hardware forum, you'll get a bunch of answers telling you why one partition per spindle is the best way to go,  (not counting raid arrays)  Lots of drives mind you.  They are cheap enough now.  I've lost count, but I think I have 11 drives with 14Tb in total, and one of those is reserved for Photoshop scratch space.

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            I would try a few more things like purge Bridge and ACR caches.  Make sure all disk have been defraged and have lots of free space. Reset  Phoyoshop Preferences the make use you set Photoshop preferences for good performance scratch space oh high performing disk performance le Photoshop use 90% of Ram Graphic Processor on Advance etc. Reset all tools.  Look at you system reliability history for problems look at you systems logs for errors.  Use the device manager an look at all your disk the make sure they are running in DMA mode and have not been degraded to PIO mode.  Look at what is being started automatically.  Review what the task manager see running. Round up the normal suspects.


            I like some of the free Sysinternals Suite module to see what on my system like Autoruns, Process explorer. And utilities like WinDirStat to see what eating up my disk space. Free benchmark like novabench to see how my machine is performing compared to other similar machines.  And Heaven Benchmark to see my video performance.  I like to see the mark stay close to my normal performance.  When thing Chang I track down what's new.

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              DavePinMinn Level 1

              Trevor, as far as I can tell, there's nothing interesting taking any extraneous cycles.  And the overwhelmingly vast majority of memory use in from Photoshop.  Yes, I have multiple partitions on some spindles, but this wasn't previously a problem.  And my cache is just a folder on one of the backup drives (I thought it was a partition, but it's not)...  So, I'm not seeing anything any different than I've been seeing since I started CS6...


              JJMack, I'll try purging cache.  All my disks get defragged weekly, and they all show no fragmentation.  MOST of them have a reasonable (40+%) of free space.  The only one that's full is one backup disk, and nothing cares about that except Syncback.


              I just increased memory to 80% for Photoshop.  No change.  I changed the Advanced graphics processor to let Photoshhop have 90% of video memory.  No difference there either.


              Windows events isn't showing any errors for anything in system.  The only thing I've got since the last reboot is informational messages.


              How do I use the device manager to see what mode the disks are using?  I just checked in there and I don't see that information...


              I turned off several services that I don't need or want - things like google update and some of the other junk that gets installed.  I also removed a couple programs just 'cause they weren't needed, nothing that should impact Photoshop...  So far, nothing is changing anything.


              I just compared the laptop and desktop preferences, and the MUCH less capable laptop has the same settings, both for performance and advanced graphics...  The numbers are smaller, but the percentages are the same...


              The ONLY thing I can think of (your comment about resetting tools made me think) was that i created a tools palette so all my tools are visible instead of having to use a right-click to see hidden ones...  I'm not sure that would or could have any effect, but I'll get rid of it and see if it changes anything.

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                DavePinMinn Level 1

                Uh, guys, I'm a little embarrassed...


                I just turned off the extension I created to give me a tool palette with all my tools visible..........  Shut down Photoshop, restarted, and now I have instant switching between tools AND layers.......


                Went back to Window, turned back ON my palette, shutdown, restarted, opened the same file, and things are VERY slow again.........


                I would NEVER have thought of something like a palette causing this problem, but anecdotally, it appears to be...  Can one of you that's a lot more familiar with the innards of Photoshop tell me WHAT I did that would cause my created tools palette to cause such a slowdown?

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  For the heck of it create a new userID on your system and logon to it. Make no setting change and try Photoshop on that user id with nothing added to Photoshop and Adobe default setting.   See if it related to your USERID and Photoshop Additions.....

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                    DavePinMinn Level 1

                    OK, about 3:30 this morning, the obsessive-compulsive thing kicked in and I got up and tried a new account...... 


                    Logged in, fired up CS6, things worked fine.  Turned on the new tools palette, things STILL worked fine...


                    So, it somehow appears that from the "test" account I don't get the slowdown I get from my account.  Preferences?  Something ELSE in my account?  Cosmic rays? 

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                      DavePinMinn Level 1

                      Went back to MY account...  Removed the preferences file from the folder.  Started CS6.  Worked FINE.  Turned on the extension with my tools palette.  Slowed down.  Turned it off, restarted, worked fine again...


                      It doesn't APPEAR to be preferences (I think), since created a new set and I still got the same behavior.


                      But, then how come creating a new user didn't exhibit the problem?