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    How to hide (distract from) glare on glasses


      So, I messed up pretty badly today during an interview shoot.  I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I felt rushed during setup and screwed up a few things -- including forgetting to turn on my shotgun mic, so I had to sync my external lav recording the hard(est) way.  


      The worst part, however, is that because I was in a basement I could not elevate my key light as much as I wanted, and it created a glare on the glasses of my subject.  I had lined up the light and my seating while asking questions so it didn't reflect toward the camera, but it appears he shifted early in the interview and I didn't notice.  Now, there are two white dots in his eyes the entire time.  As if this wasn't bad enough, he frequently makes minor head movement that causes his entire lense to be blown out.  It is incredibly distracting, and definitely not as engaging.


      Re-shooting is not an option.  Throwing out the interview is also not an option.  Everything else about the shoot was great: the background, audio, lighting (besides the glare issue), responses, framing, etc. 


      Any ideas as to how I can stylize or hide the glare.  I understand that I won't be able to get rid of it, but was hoping at least a way to make it "work."  I am not an expert with AE.  In fact, I really just do color correction/grading and some minor text stuff, and that's it.  I sometimes do motion tracking, but have no intention of tracking his eyes for an hour long interview.  It would never work anyway, since he's an animated talker. 


      Using CS6.  Shot it flat, indoors, brick wall background.  Only issue is I can't darken the blacks too much as there is an iron wood stove to his side that is essential to the interview.  If I shift the blacks too far it loses a lot of it's detail and just becomes a blob of nothing.