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    Photoshop behaving weirdly (help please!)


      Photoshop noob here!  Any help would be appreciated.  The more I use Photoshop cs6 (64 bit) on my computer the more weird behavior starts to occur.  The first time I installed it started out fine like usual.  Then out of the blue opacity started behaving strangely.  Even when I turned a color to 100% opacity and layed it on top of another color in the same layer it would not be completely opaque.  I could still see the shapes/lines through the supposedly 100% opaque color.  I searched the internet and couldn't find a solution.  I kept coming upon the suggestion of reseting all the tools which did not work.  When told to delete my photoshop preferences (the psp file) both manually and by using the CTRL-SHIFT-ALT  shortcut when starting photoshop the former launched photoshop and then resulted in a "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document." error.  I could only click ok and continue working on my messed up version of photoshop.  Secondly, the ctrl-shift-alt shortcut did not work at all.  Fed up, I deactivated and uninstalled, then reinstalled Photoshop. 


           It worked perfectly fine for a while and then different strange behavior started happening again.  First, the eraser behaved like a blue brush in the background layer.  Instead of erasing white and seeing the checkerboard pattern like I always used to it would just color blue instead.  I could do this at different opacities as well.  On the background layer it is essentially a blue brush.  This wasn't super annoying as I could just add another layer but then my pressure sensitvity stopped working on my tablet too.  I downloaded all the latest tablet drivers to no avail.  I again was told to try deleting my prefernces which again resluted in the "Could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document." error.  Also the ctrl-shift-alt shortcut still doesn't work. 


      I've looked everywhere for a solution and still cannot figure out why Photoshop continues on this self-destructive path.  Any help would be appreciated. Again, I'm new to photoshop so if the answer is extremely obvious then sorry!