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    Okay, better explained here. If anybody can solve this you would be amazing, please.


      gopro hero 3 black + premiere pro cs6...


      I shoot at 720p 120fps.


      Premiere doesn't want to read that as 120fps, it wants to read it at 60.


      Video is slow while the audio remains okay but cuts off far too early.


      I can go into modify the clip to make it read as 120fps but then my audio is super fast.


      Tried unlinking audio and video beforehand but it still applies when the clip is dropped to the timeline.


      I used cineform to convert my files but it ends up turning 300mb into 1.5gb...


      I think I may need to figure a h.264 codec within premiere because that is what gopro writes with I think?


      How can I fix this issue this is getting to be obnoxious...