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    How to avoid extra div tags, when we add components using <cq:include


      I tried using the below code in my component jsp from forums to remove those extra div tags when we try to add components using <cq:include tags.




         if (WCMMode.fromRequest(request) != WCMMode.EDIT && WCMMode.fromRequest(request) != WCMMode.DESIGN) {

             IncludeOptions.getOptions(request, true).forceSameContext(Boolean.TRUE);








      But this code helped to remove most of the extra div tags , but still adds this extra div tag to the first component I add using  <cq:include tag.


      its a basic and very critical necessity to maintain our markup design,But due to this  dynamically added extra div tag will hinder the html and css behaviour of the page.

      Appreciate your help to resolve this issue.