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    Coldfusion Structure and a HTML Table

    apocalipsis19 Level 1
      At work, I was required to create a report. We do not have the ColFusion report tool so when we are creating reports we use the <cfdocument> tags. I will explain now what my structure was about. I was required to break down the students in a school by grade then within each grade (1,2,3,etc), break them down by race (white, hispanic, black, asin, pacific islander etc) then within each race break them down by curriculum code (special ed, regular ed, etc etc). So I created my structure and guys you should have seen my smile when I dumped my structure and saw that beautiful structure in blue and black font on my browser.......then my smile was even wider (ear to ear) when i ran my query against the school data and I got the correct results. My smile disappear when I wanted to display that "crosstab" in my cfdocument. It looks and sounds like if I needed to create a business object from scratch but I really thought there was a way for me to manipulate the rows and columns of an html table dynamically according to the data that they were receiving form my structure.

      After 7 days of my time a two projects backed up for the company my boss asked to stop and after analyzing from top to the bottom the case we both concluded that it was a nightmare to do unless we had a reporting tool. I can't stop thinking aobut this problem even though it was 3 weeks ago. I even dream about the freaking sutuation. I want to get it done! I know I am being hard on myself but you guys understand the developer's pride, specially if that developer is a "rookie" like me. So I am posting this here to see if someone gives me an idea for me to get this done. Even though it's in a drawer I want to put my teeth on that "bone" again! The format of my document was just as follows: a) Setting my variables and functions, b) creating the structure c) HTML crap c) cfoutput and cfdocument tags and within then the header of my report, an a table to hold my values. That's where my smile disappeared for almost 2 weeks!

      If someone has some insights on this matter, I'd really appreciate it!