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    Verity Indexes appear to Cross-Pollinate

      We're seeing this issue crop up at various times where we will call a simple cfsearch on one collection, and Verity will return us data from another existing collection on the server. We've done logging etc, and looking at the meta data of the indexes, and all things look like they should (i.e. the number of documents match that of what we'd expect there to be in that collection). We are running cfmx 7.02 enterprise multi-server install and have this application on it's own instance on a win2k3 box. The cfsearch is being called from w/in a cfc as:


      <cfsearch collection="#arguments.collection#" criteria="#arguments.args.q#" name="query1" type="natural" maxrows="8193" />

      Once I restart the ‘ColdFusion 7 Search Service’ in either beta (if we’re having problems there) or in production, the Problem goes away – and the indexes correctly return the data from the requested collection as they are supposed to. Which leads me to believe that our application is not the problem – but in the internals of how the ColdFusion cfsearch tag API is calling the Verity K2 Server at certain periods. I still have not nailed down exactly what the root cause is that makes call through the cfSearch tag all of a sudden choose to use a different index that what I passed it – but I do know that the restart does re-align things.

      Any help appreciated - we may have to open up a ticket on this one