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    How long to get a response for a case?


      I submitted a case on 6/10/13 and still yet to have my case looked at.  I started a chat after 4 days and the agent pointed me to the exact place I went to start the case I was asking about. He then told me to wait 2 days.  Its been 7 days or 5 business days.  When I submitted the case it stated a 2 day wait time.  I tried to call today (day 7) and the voice prompt said expect a 11 minute wait time.  I waited for 33 minutes before hanging up.  Is this normal for customer support?  

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          I submitted a case on 6-7-13 and have now called five times. Adobe's clearly out-of-the-US customer service simply does not respond to you unless you call them. And yes, you must be on hold for a long time.


          Simply put, Adobe's customer service is shameful and abysmal. We are a large educational institution and cannot under any circumstances be charged sales tax on our Creative Cloud subscription. Despite repeated phone calls, it is apparently beyond the ability of Adobe's customer service team to deal with this seemingly easy task. We are trying to give Adobe money and they will not take it. We submitted our tax exempt form to them on 6-7 and still nothing. Just awful.

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            Thanks, I ended up calling as well. Over  2 hours on the phone.  I think its resolved but its going to take another 7 days for that.  I couldnt find my receipt so I took a screen shot of my Staples reward, but its in my wifes name.  So I went and got a duplicate receipt and they were so hung up on the stupid Staples rewards they wouldnt do anything until I went into the Staples reward and changed it to both of our names.   The customer support people were nice and polite I will give them that.  But the fact I had to spend over two hours on the phone after waiting 10 days and now I have to wait another 7 days to find out if its been resolved it just crazy.