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    Adobe UK contact details

    M-C Hammer
      I know this forum is probably not the best place for this post but some people here may be able to help.
      Approx. a week ago, I phoned Adobe UK (Uxbridge) to enquire about RH 7, related maintenance plans and the trial version. I ended up leaving a voice message with my details as no-one answered when my call was transferred to Sales & Customer Support.
      I was expecting someone to call me back in the following days, but nothing. I have been using RH for the past 5 years and in my current job, am using MadCap Flare 3. When I saw that RH 7 was available to pre-order, I was happy as it looks that Adobe has finally decided to develop this product. BTW, RH 7 looks very similar to Flare 3 in terms of functionality...
      I will keep trying to phone Adobe UK but does someone know of a UK phone number or e-mail address where I am likely to get answers to my queries? (We do not have any maintenance plans with Adobe so I have no other means of contacting them but keeping on trying the Uxbridge office...).
      Thanks in advance,