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        www.jmalmsten.com Level 1

        Ok. So I have figured this much out: Doing an attempt at installing the Creative Cloud App without error-messages basically triggers the errors in the cloud cleaner. It seems like the installer finishes but then doesn't relinquish the claim to the folders that the cleaner wanted to delete...


        I tried this too then. I did a reboot after doing a failed install. Then I did the cleaner, which now works without errors since the reboot clears the claim on the folders. Then I did another attempt at installing the Creative Cloud Desktop App, this time using the right-click to run as admin. This made the installer go through the complete installation without having to ask me for permission halfway through... aaaaand...



        nothing... Still nothing... still no response while clicking away at the resulting shortcut...

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          b.e. Level 1

          If you're on a mac, restart in Safe Mode. Then install the Creative Cloud app again.

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            www.jmalmsten.com Level 1

            As I wrote before I am on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. But I'll try a safe mode restart and do the install once more. Will edit this post with the result once I'm back home.

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              cyberoasen Level 1

              I have removed the Creative Cloud desktop app using ACC cleaner.


              The files that are mentioned I don't even have so can't rename them.


              Running Mac OS X vers. 10.8.4


              Have cleaned out the cache and cookies, have tried with Chrome, Safarai and Firefox. Even tried the tip about installing in Safe mode, but still ends up with error as posted in #74 by atomicmonk, i.e. We've encountered the following issues: Creative Cloud desktop failed to install.


              So what's next to do?

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                Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                Can you please try resetting the permission on the below folder and then check :-


                1) Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/


                If this doesn't help then please share the PDApp.log that could be located in




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                  cyberoasen Level 1

                  Can't find the folder that you are referring to, neither for the PDApp.log



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                    Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                    You will find the OOBE folder at

                    Macintosh HD>Library>Applciation support>Adobe>OOBE .


                    And the PDApp.log file is in the User Library.


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                      cyberoasen Level 1

                      I've found the first folder now (it's hidden for some reson). That's good, but how do I reset the permission?

                      • 88. Re: My creative cloud app wont instal
                        Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

                        Ctrl+Click on the OOBE folder and then Select "Get Info"

                        In the Sharing permission section, have "Read and Write" permission set

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                          cyberoasen Level 1

                          Done with the permisson! It was that way already!

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                            kamdk2 Level 1

                            As per my post of yesterday (68) I am experiencing the same problem as many others.


                            I am on a Windows 7 (64 bit) system and has been running the cs6 cloud version - and Lightroom 5 without problems until I attempted to update to cc.


                            Today I have cleaned the PC from everything Adobe related and finished by running the cleaner tool removing all leftovers exept for the Adobe ID credentials.


                            Then I once more tried to install the cc app - but it stopped the installation with the exact same failure to install message as yesterday.


                            I have opened the adobe setup error log and it says:Error OOBE - DE - 1488 - Cannot open mediadb, cf sreendump below. Any help on how to proceed would be much appreaciated.



                            • 91. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                              nicola Level 1

                              First, apologies — I'm a bit aggravated. I've been troubleshooting and trying the suggested solutions listed here as well as in other areas of the support forums since last night. Nothing has worked to solve my issue.


                              I am running Mac OSX 10.8.4 (100% up to date), on a MacBook Pro. I meet all specification requirements for the latest release of Creative Cloud.


                              When I originally visited the app download center, I first tried to download the Creative Cloud desktop app. After clicking the download button, the AAM opened, but nothing else happened. It did not auto-update as it's meant to. I have tried downloading with Safari, Chrome and Firefox so far. Nothing. I've also cleared my cache and retried.


                              Still, the new CC apps were listed in the AAM for installation. So, I tried installing Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator. All of these apps downloaded/installed and seem to work just fine.


                              The issue is that the Creative Cloud desktop app will not install (or rather initiate the auto-update to AAM as it's supposed to).


                              I have tried renaming the OOBE folders as suggested. After doing so and restarting my machine, I visited the download link: http://download.adobe.com/pub/adobe/creativesuite/cs/mac/ApplicationManager7.0_all.dmg to try the direct download again. This does not work.


                              I'm currently at square one again and am simply waiting to find out if there is going to be some sort of update that Adobe is going to provide so users do not have to troubleshoot this issue as we've been trying to. I'm sure I'm not alone in that this is incredibly aggravating (especially since support reps keep asking us to try redownloading the same dmg with no results). Please provide a solution and let us know when it has been released. Thank you.

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                                www.jmalmsten.com Level 1

                                ok, Now I am home and FINALLLY I got it to start working. Now here's what I had to do.


                                1. I tried a simple re-install, clearing with the CC-cleaner, rebooting and then installing the CCapp. No result.

                                2. I tried booting in safe mode (again, I'm on win7 64bit... If you don't know, you get it to safe-mode by pressing F8 before the windows logo appears during bootup). I made sure to choose to start with networking loaded, because I have noticed that the installer does some downloading in the first half of the progress bar. Then I did the cleaning with the cleaner and did the install. It came almost all the way up to 100%. Then stopped suddenly and complained that I had some sort of adobe program running that it couldn't bypass.


                                Huh... that was weird, since, as I said before, I have uninstalled everything called adobe. But I thought there was this one thing that I haven't tried.


                                3. So I did the cleanser again, using the right-click to make sure it got admin priviliges. I went in and removed the OOBE folders both in programs(x86) and in the users folder. Then I did another install, again, using the right-click-for-admin method. The installation went all the way... AND I GOT THE CC-MANAGER WINDOW!!!


                                (this is when I usually post a video of a choir chanting Ode to Joy in german from youtube. But not quite yet. Because when I chose to install the apps it failed due to some weird reason that I can't remember)


                                4. But then I remembered that I was still in safe-mode. And safe-mode do do some strange things to some programs. So I rebooted to normal mode. Pressed the shiny little CC icon. Nothing happened. Cold sweat emerging. I'm so close!. I remembered that when I was in safe-mode I accidentally shifted the window-focus away from the CCmanager and then had to find it among the hidden icons by the clock on the task-bar.


                                Before my embarking on the perils of the safe mode method I had tried looking for an instance of the CCapp in that very place to no avail. But, I told myself. Things might be different now that I had used the safe mode to install. And Lo and Behold! There it was! Right-clicked on it. Opened as window... THERE IT IS! AND INSTALLING THE INDIVIDUAL APPS WORKS!!!


                                So, in short. If you have the same problem I have had. That nothing seems to happen. First check the hidden icons by the clock to the bottom right on the screen. Then, if that fails:

                                1. Try to reboot to safe-mode (press F8 before windows logo appears).
                                2. Use the cleaning tool with right-click-admin.
                                3. Delete the OOBE folders (or rename, if you want to)
                                4. Do the install of the CCapp manager with right-click.
                                5. Reboot to normal mode
                                6. Start CCapp, check the hidden icons again if no window appears.
                                7. Then rejoice.


                                And now. As I start to play with my new CC-apps and embark on the next step. Finding out how to migrate the plugins, if possible. I bid my farewell for now to this thread. And leave you with the voices of a choir of 10 000 asians performing the classic Ode An Die Freude...



                                • 93. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                  taliesinangelus Level 1

                                  nicola, I experienced the same situation you did and only through much combing of the forums did I hit upon the direct link to the DMG download: http://ccmdls.adobe.com/AdobeProducts/PHSP/14/osx10/AAMmetadataLS20/CreativeCloudInstaller .dmg


                                  I never could get it to autoupdate but it installed when I did this.  Go figure.

                                  • 94. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                    nicola Level 1

                                    Taliesinangelus - You, my friend, are AWESOME! Thank you so much. It worked. I just wonder why support reps keep sending people to the AAM download to update when it's obviously not working! Why not supply users with the .dmg link you supplied me?


                                    Again, thank you! I really appreciate it.

                                    • 95. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                      taliesinangelus Level 1

                                      No problem, nicola.  I think Adobe needs to look into the automated upgrade process on OSX for Creative Cloud.  They should offer a direct link to the download if the automated process is failing.

                                      • 96. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                        David__B Adobe Employee

                                        @Atomicmonk, thanks for sharing the Safe Mode solution, looked like it already helped Loewendan


                                        Hi Jmalmsten.com,


                                        I would recommend  uninstalling everything CS6 or CC related using the OS uninstall method first, maybe you already did this?

                                        Control Panel > Programs & Features


                                        Close all open applictions

                                        Change the User Access Control to the lowest setting "Never Notify" temporarily

                                        Run the Cleaner Tool again with admin rights


                                        Then try installing AAM which should update automatically to Creative Cloud desktop






                                        • 97. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                          b.e. Level 1

                                          Hi @David_B, that's awesome! Glad to help. Always great when someone comes up with an easy solution and shares it. I know I appreciate it.





                                          • 98. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                            Robin-Wood Level 1

                                            taliesinangelus, Thank you! I was having exactly the same problem as nicola, right down to the Mac and system, and was completely stymied.


                                            But now, thanks to you, I have the CC App up and running!


                                            You rule!


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                                            • 99. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                              taliesinangelus Level 1

                                              Very glad it worked for you, Robin-Wood!

                                              • 100. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                                vrsoffice. Level 1

                                                The direct link for the Adobe Application Manger is: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4773

                                                • 101. Re: My creative cloud app wont instal
                                                  mvanec Level 1

                                                  This tool does not appear to provide an option to only uninstall the Creative Cloud Desktop thing. I am really NOT going to uninstall the entire CS6 suite, because I have actual work to do. But I cannot update or install any CC apps, because Creative Cloud Desktop refuses to update/install due to this error.

                                                  • 102. Re: My creative cloud app wont instal
                                                    Kris_WCH Level 1

                                                    There is an option to only remove the Creative Cloud Desktop.


                                                    From the main menu go to  "3. Creative Cloud & CS6 Products". The first option in the submenu should be the one to remove the Creative Cloud Desktop only.


                                                    I recommend contacting chat support if you cannot get it to work. I spent 3 days browsing the forum trying to solve installation issues myself but did not find a solution. After contacting chat support we got it running in half an hour.

                                                    • 103. Re: My creative cloud app wont instal
                                                      mvanec Level 1


                                                      Thanks, I did go that route. I had already uninstalled Creative Cloud Desktop via WIndows Control Panel, per directions in the cleaner tool. So Creative Cloud Desktop does not appear in that list. I did manage to find the Adobe Application Manager installer, and installed that. Now, however, Creative Cloud Desktop continues to refuse to install. I click the Download button, and Application Manager opens, but nothing happens after that. And Creative Cloud Desktop is NOT an option within Application Manager.


                                                      Adobe's upgrade process is one of the most frustrating processes in the computer world. The software is great and beautiful, when it's installed, but upgrading from one version to the next is an exercise in self-mutilation.

                                                      • 104. Re: My creative cloud app wont instal
                                                        Kris_WCH Level 1



                                                        Your problem sound a lot like the problems I was experiencing. I recommend contacting chat support and making clear that you unsuccessfully tried the default solution in this forums (uninstall AAM -> run Adobe CC Cleaner -> rename the OOBE folder -> install AAM again).


                                                        Following the recommended solution I was able to install AAM7 (http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=4773) again. I still wasn't able to install any CC software though.


                                                        That's when I contacted chat support. They had me change permissions on a bunch of Adobe folders, rename some more folders and in the end it worked. I was able to install CC applications through AAM7.


                                                        Of course none of this should have been necessary from the start, but it's working now and that's fine with me.

                                                        • 105. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                                          ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                          liemfukliang wrote:


                                                          Is there any offline installer direct download link for trialling Adobe CC? Thank you.


                                                          Yes, with the Creative Cloud direct download links – which include direct links for the new CC Desktop App for both Windows and Mac OS.


                                                          You can also remove the old Adobe Application Manager using the CS Cleaner Tool, and then start again from the top with CC...


                                                          The DDL can also come in handy for making offline backups of the CC installers (like copying to disk or burning to DVD), when or where needed, as there doesn't seem to be another way to do this.

                                                          • 106. Re: My creative cloud app wont instal
                                                            juniperspride.com Level 1

                                                            I was able to download it, but not run it. it is a dmg file. any idea how to get it going?

                                                            • 107. Re: My creative cloud app wont instal
                                                              mvanec Level 1

                                                              .dmg files are for Macs. If you have a Mac you just double-click it. If you're on Windows, you'll need to go back and download the .exe version.

                                                              • 108. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                                                juniperspride.com Level 1

                                                                Thanks for letting me know about the mac file. No wonder I couldn't open it.


                                                                Hey ProDesigntools,

                                                                I keep trying to download the pc creative cloud app from you link, but get this:

                                                                Access Denied

                                                                You don't have permission to access "http://trials3.adobe.com/AdobeProducts/KCCC/1/win32/CreativeCloudSet-Up.exe?" on this server. 

                                                                Reference #18.ac6775c7.1373152275.4befe0c4


                                                                any ideas?

                                                                Thank you,

                                                                • 109. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                                                  Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                                                                  Virgil the access denied error occurs when the cookie has not been set.  Please complete the Very Important Instructions and try again.  If you continue to face difficulties you may want to try a different web browser as your security settings or an add-on could be interfering.

                                                                  • 110. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                                                    MissTravels Level 1

                                                                    This worked for me!  Thanks so much

                                                                    • 111. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                                                      ABFA_Sandy Level 1

                                                                      Nope Didn't work for me! Uninstalled ALL Adobe files and tried downloading on three different Browsers. Adobe.... sort your act out, this reminiscent of Quark 4. Look where they are now!

                                                                      • 112. Re: My creative cloud app wont install
                                                                        ProDesignTools MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                                                        Hi Mark,


                                                                        What exact problem did you have?  Did you get any messages, errors, or otherwise?


                                                                        Have you tried the new Adobe CC 2014 direct download links? (the latest release for Windows or Mac)


                                                                        Please be as specific as you can as to what happened for us to try to help – thanks.

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