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    Can I import FCE projects into Adobe Premier Pro?


      Over the past 5 years I've accumulated several TB of underwater video footage as Quicktime Movie clips on Mac-formatted external hard drives.  These are media files for my Final Cut Express 3.5 projects, organized by ocean locale and further sorted as to creature ID and other info, using the Log Note field.  I've cut some videos from what I've shot and would like to continue to do so.


      The newer Apple video editing programs will not import Final Cut Express projects.  I have heard that Adobe Premiere Pro will import them.  All I want to do is access the media files by way of the sorted, organized project file folders that reference them.  If I can't do that, I will be almost all the way back to the original video tapes if/when my Mac fails, which it is already showing signs of doing.  If Adobe can allow me to maintain access to my underwater archive, I would be happy to kiss FCE and Apple goodbye. 


      I have a year-old HP Pavilion with a 750GB hard drive that should be adequate to get started with Adobe Pro.  Can my FCE project files be rescued?


      Would appreciate solid information on this.  Thanks, Sharron S.