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    Why can't I work with ColdFusion documents?


      Um... just updated and went to open some ColdFusion files I normally work with but can't open them at all. They are grayed out. And there is no longer a ColdFusion option in the "New" panel. And in preferences you cannot select ColdFusion as the default document type.


      Did I just miss where it is?

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          osgood_ Level 8

          John Waller wrote:


          Seems that ColdFusion support is removed in Dreamweaver CC and later

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/dreamweaver/cs/using/WScbb6b82af5544594822 510a94ae8d65-7874a.html


          lol seems they are doing their very best to alienate customers.

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            Syzzle Inc Level 1



            What the hell is happening at Adobe?  I really wish there was a comprehensive alternative to Adobe at this point. I'm a long time CF developer and realy to throw in the towel.  Dreamweaver CC won't render any of my page in Live view either.

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              GAlbers56 Level 1

              I would like to know the same thing. So now you can't work CF pages AT ALL in DW CC. If you try and open a CF file in CC it won't and instead opens in DW CS6 (if still installed).


              And Adobe Code CC doesn't support CF out of the box.


              Adobe doesn't seem to provide an alternative at all. So yesterday I was able to use DW CS6 as my only editor for all my work. Now I can only basically use it for some CSS. Really great Adobe.


              So it seems like the only alternative to moving away from Adobe products is to buy CF Builder. REALLY ADOBE? You will keep supporting an alternative server language like PHP but you kill .Net and YOUR OWN CF? What are you thinking.


              Please come to your senses Adobe and add the CF support back in. Or add it as an extension like the HTML5 tags were for CS5.


              Otherwise I, and many others, will have to start looking for alternatives and that might mean moving away from ColdFusion. If you guys aren't going to support the development of it across all your toolsets, why should we be loyal to the platform. Heck, I can get the web version of Visual Studio from MS and do more in .Net than DW CC can do with CF. That is just sad on so many levels.


              What's your response Adobe?

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                Syzzle Inc Level 1

                I would add that this points to a much bigger issue at Adobe, especially the Coldfusion team. There appears to be no coordination, planning, or transparency on some very large issues. Does anyone at Adobe actually use Coldfusion? It would seem not.


                One of the supposed advantages of Coldfusion is the integration with Adobe technologies, but clearly this isn't something Adobe actually considers.  It is absolutely unforgivable that they would release Dreamweaver with no CF support.


                Wonder why so many people think the CF is a dead or dying platform? Hmm… wonder how that debate keeps re-appearing?

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                  GAlbers56 Level 1

                  Just talked with the Adobe support live chat and on the phone. The live chat rep indicated "I understand your concern, but i would like to tell you that, this feature is a deprecated feature in Dreamweaver CC".


                  So apparently Adobe sees their CF support in their own products as a "feature" rather than a core underpinning.


                  And if they are depreciating it from their own products, can't imagine they will support the broader CF community much in the future. I mean now the only way to work with Adobe's own ColdFusion, is to get CF Builder (NOT part of the creative cloud subscription) which is another $300, another program to purchase and maintain, and another IDE to work in. Talk about broken workflow.


                  Looks like it's time to start looking at ... [almost choked] ... .Net


                  At least I know that if I move to .Net, Microsoft isn't going to "depreciate" .Net support in Visual Studio - Ever!

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                    StoatUK123 Level 1

                    I had a live chat too, also told it was a depreciated feature so its clearly a scripted response.  Then I was told directly to buy CF Builder to continue developing in Coldfusion.  So clearly they want to force you to use that rather then DW.  Which sucks.

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                      GAlbers56 Level 1

                      StoatUK123, I would agree but if that is the case, why also remove .Net but keep PHP? With that logic, Adobe wants to move .Net developers to Microsoft Visual Studio.


                      And I don't see how that would work in general for designers/developers. It's not like I can create responsive code and work with it in CFBuilder. And I can't create the dynamic CF code in builder and use it in my responsive code in DW CC.


                      So now if you do responsive design and use Adobes OWN COLDFUSION LANGUAGE, you have no workflow in their new products. I guess you could keep DW CS6 around and create some stuff in there and go back and forth with DW CC and Reflow but that is just ugly and you'll never have the full picture of what you are coding since only some of the code will be supported in any given program you are using.


                      Adobe needs to fix this. Add support back for CF in DW CC or just dump CF and let us all move on.

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                        Hedge Level 1

                        WOW. As a CF person from the Macromedia days I am shocked Adobe has removed CF support in DW CC. That is just plain stupid. I just begrudgingly moved to CC because it felt like I had no other option since everything is going CC and now you remove CF support (your own language) from your main development product? I don't want to have to buy a seperate product to work with CF and use DW CC to do my layout work. If support for CF doesn't get put back into then I will be dropping CC all together and moving to alternative options such as Gimp and Eclipse. VERY disappointed long time customer!

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                          asmithjax Level 1

                          Crazy.  This is the end for us and Adobe ColdFusion.  We will be cancelling our Adobe subscriptions for our entire team. Really poor decision to alienate the very core of your development population.



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                            WolffenTCI Level 1

                            Adobe, I'm not sure what is up with you these days. You've killed the visual designer in the latest version of FlashBuilder (4.7) that's available via Creative Cloud, and removed access to FB 4.6 as well to your CC customers. You've now killed a design tool for CF coders. You will be killing access to Fireworks sometime in the next 12 months for Creative Cloud customers. What's next? You've got a large, loyal base of developers that have worked with your software and languages for many years.  You're doing a great job of alientating that base over the last 12 months. My suggestion: just go ahead and get it over, instead of doing this slow bleed. Kill Flash. Kill CF. Just be done with it.

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                              Syzzle Inc Level 1

                              jbliss0j6c - thanks but that did not work for me. Dreamweaver CC tells me I can't select it as an external editor...

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                                jbliss0J6c Level 1

                                You may want to post that here to see if you can get more help...?



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                                  Preran Adobe Employee

                                  Hi all,


                                  Can you check out this document and let us know if you still need help?






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                                    Mozano Level 1

                                    My two cents on the dilemma... well, my solution anyway:


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                                      Syzzle Inc Level 1

                                      Great Post Rick. My big disagreement is that Dreamweaver isn't the wrong tool for the job but rather one of the tools needed by many (albeit not all) developers.


                                      You make great points, especially that CFB should now be included in the CC subscription. Given the price and incredible change in workflow required, that's the least that should happen.


                                      Still, this has to indicate that Adobe is deprecating Coldfusion itself. Not only did they remove it from the leading website design tool that they own, they did it (from what I can tell) in relative secrecy. So either they knew it would cause a big backlash or they really do not ever use Coldfusion themselves, or…???


                                      I am willing to be convinced there's some big misunderstanding, but having to spend another $300 on another software and not being able to incorporate CF in Dreamweaver is beyond maddening. It's a reason to consider a new direction.

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                                        Syzzle Inc Level 1

                                        That process (associating the .cfm files in the OS) didn't seem to have any impact. However, I am back working on my iMac (where I did not yet try that trick) and now some CF pages are displaying where they definitely did not yesterday. Some pages still are not rendering in DW CC but are okay in CS 6. (see attached screenshot) - others are working. So better today, but still missing many integration features with CF.


                                        Also, I still can not open .cfm files in DW CC unless I open it from the OS finder. If I try to open them via DW's file browser window, it goes to CS6 unless you manually right-click and do an "open with...".



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                                          GAlbers56 Level 1

                                          This is not the answer. Good try Adobe. This link simply tells you how to enable the CF files to be opened in the editor. Okay, that is better than not being able to open them at all but almost all the useful functionality like live preview is gone.


                                          Oh and the biggest issue with this article, still doesn't explain why the feature was completely removed, future guidance on CF development and no path forward with an Adobe tool to build Adobe ColdFusion applications with a Creative Cloud subscription.


                                          And that doesn't even get into the issue regarding the inability to "CREATE" a CF document. So yeah I can edit some that are there now, but as a designer/developer who works with these files daily, ah how can I not create them? What's the solution there? Get another $300 CFBuilder product? Who's to say Adobe won't then kill that product?


                                          Adobe what is your answer? Either support your own server language (if you didn't know what that is it is called ColdFusion) by adding full CF support back into DW and adding to other CC apps OR... just kill the product now and stop waisting all our time. You say that you currently have two new versions of CF in the wings (Splendor etc) but why would this community even worry about it if the tools to build great web sites and apps using CF are being ripped out of all CC apps?

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                                            ag415 Level 1

                                            If you are looking for a free CF application, there is CF Builder Express:



                                            Gives you all features for 60 days, then reverts to Express version.

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                                              I sincerely hope that someone can offer me a solution to this latest (and quite frankly greatest hiccup in the world of coldfusion for me). I NEVER post on blogs, forums or otherwise as I can usually find what I need to know if I look around but this is not the case. I was anxiously awaiting the new cc for dreamweaver since the purported tools that would make my development much more integrated with the latest methods only to discover this morning that there was absolutely no coldfusion "anything" in the program. I thought it was the way I set up the panels. But nope...

                                              Now I installed cfbuilder. ok, fine it will cover all of the "programming" part of coldfusion and it looks like it will do that better. I get that.

                                              BUT, how exactly do you take the "ugly" stuff that cfbuilder will help me build and actually turn it into a website that the latest trends require? I understand that I can open the file in dreamweaver and make it "pretty" but the real issue is that so much of the time the "application" that I am building is very much a part of the "website" that I am building - ok, ALL the time. What exactly is the commonly accepted workflow that will make this whole thing flow properly without having to switch between completely different applications all the time.

                                              My issue is that maybe I don't understand that cf is a website language for displaying on web browsers, or am I wrong for the past 10 years...

                                              Yes, I develop "applications" that are not pretty sometimes for the customer that needs a program made for them custom, but that is so rare that it does not accompany a website that holds it all.

                                              How is this accomplished? I know I ramble and I hope I got my point across. Can you help me with finding a solution that will allow me to continue to use coldfusion in beautiful css and jquery websites as my customers have come to expect.

                                              Please reply?

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                                                Hedge Level 1

                                                Lots of us feeling the exact same way! I don't want to switch back and forth between applications to get my work done. I want ONE application I can develop in and that used to be DreamWeaver but not anymore.

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                                                  jeffgtr2 Level 1

                                                  This is such a shame. You can get coldfusion code completion in DW CC using the dmxzone extension, however you can only use code view. I was kind of excited about some of the new css and adaptive tools in DW CC but since I work with CF quite a bit I'm less so. Sure you can use the free version of CF Builder, and use DW to do the layout and front end work. Problem is, once you have cf code in the page with a .cfm extension you can only work in code view. I can't find a way to  get .cfm pages to display in Live View.


                                                  As a result my workflow has changed the last few days. I've been using Sublime Text and Live Reload. If I'm working with a cfc I use CF Builder, which prior to DW CC I had only tinkered with. It's great for working with CF code. For me DW is headed for the dustbin I'm afraid. Even though I mainly worked in code view, design view and live view were quite handy.


                                                  I don't care about the server extensions in DW, however I do care about CF code completion and the ability to view CF in live and design view. It's a total dealbreaker for me. In fact I haven't opened DW in 2 days. I used to use it hours on end daily.


                                                  Sure hope Adobe is listening here.

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                                                    Hedge Level 1

                                                    I will say one nice thing about CC is we can cancel at anytime. We didn't have to make inventment for what would have been CS 7 only to find out these problems with DW and cfm not playing nice together. So thanks for that out Adobe. I too have been playing with other editors now to find something I like to replace DW where as before I was happy to keep pluging along in DW and would not have even bothered to look for another option. As soon as I get comfortable with another UI I am afraid I will be parting ways with Adobe. Unless of course they decide to change thier cfm hating ways

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                                                      Syzzle Inc Level 1

                                                      The issue isn't opening CF files from the OS, but Dreamweaver CC being unable to show .cfm files in either Design or Live view. Just to be sure, I verified I've associated .cfm files as described…same issue. Dreamweaver can not display .cfm files.





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                                                        cfwiz Level 1

                                                        When I did the .cfm association the files opened on click within the files panel.  The file itself opened the same as it always did on previous versions.  I also installed the deprecated server behaviours as per a thread I found online somewhere.  Even live view works.  My main concern is not all of the above.  The main concern is that Adobe just dropped their own product without notice or otherwise.  That is scary.  When will the announcement come that coldfusion is dead?  This is by far without exception the only language that is easy to use and does absolutely everything required for almost any db type use.  Yes, I know there are others but cf has so much functionality with really fast coding time.  I don’t want to get into some battle with php programmers here.  I actually invested money and time with coldfusion beginning over 12 years ago and never started using PHP just because it is “free” rather because it is a much code heavy language that can easily be “decoded” just by reading the code.  Yes, it costs money….so does life but we pay.

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                                                          Syzzle Inc Level 1

                                                          CFwiz- I'm curious how you did the .cfm association. When I do it (on a Mac) it refuses to allow it and opens CS6 in instead.


                                                          Thank you,

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                                                            cfwiz Level 1

                                                            Edit>Preferences>File Types / Editors


                                                            Then in the box for extensions either select .cfm or click the + to add .cfm and then under editor select Dreamweaver and make primary or click the + to add Dreamweaver


                                                            That’s it.

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                                                              Syzzle Inc Level 1

                                                              Strange. I can't do that. It refuses to allow me to add DW CC as an editor.

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                                                                jeffgtr2 Level 1

                                                                I'm on OSX btw.


                                                                Here are the steps I took to be able to edit .cfm in DW CC and have it display in Design and Live view.


                                                                1) Go here and install the extension http://www.dmxzone.com/go/21842/enable-server-behaviors-and-data-bindings-panel-support-fo r-dreamweaver-cc


                                                                2) Preferences / File Types - Editors  Add .cfm in Extensions. Make sure .cfm is NOT in the list for "Open in code view"


                                                                I have noticed .cfm files are slow to open, may have something to do with the extension.

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                                                                  Syzzle Inc Level 1

                                                                  Thanks for the help. Might uninstall and re-install with these steps to see if that helps. Not sure what else is different!


                                                                  Has anyone seen any official comment or feedback from Adobe on these issues, other than a couple of "tips"?

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                                                                    jeffgtr2 Level 1

                                                                    As far as an official response the closest I've found are some comments on Raymond Camdens blog. http://www.raymondcamden.com/index.cfm/2013/6/18/Creative-Cloud-is-Here#comments


                                                                    I absolutely do not care about server behaviors in DW but I do care about code completion and the ability to use the css and adaptive features on .cfm documents. I've read comments that Adobe intended DW to be for front end work and CFBuilder for backend. Problem with this is that it's common to have to go back to DW after adding CF to clean up and do further front end editing. To eliminate that capability is very short sighted.

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                                                                      Wake Up Adobe!!!!


                                                                      You can clearly see that there is a big community of CF Developers who many of us have built entire businesses on Coldfusion and depend on it! Not being able to open a .cfm file from a product that is your own on a language that is your own is a shame. I am sure that 90% of developers know how to change a file association to an extension and can figure out the workaround, that is not the issue I think. The real issue is that you are putting out on the market a software that many developers work on daily basis that suddenly can not even create or open files from your same company. When it is something that can easily be included in the core configuration of the software.


                                                                      The other important question is> What is next? Is Coldfusion dead?


                                                                      I think Adobe still at this point has enough time to rethink their strategy and make us all CF developers happy again by AT LEAST not underestimating and forgetting the Coldfusion presence on their own aplications.


                                                                      One of the main reasons for us to get the coldfusion server was because it promises the compatibility and ease of use with the rest of the Adobe family, we are and have been willing to pay for the server and not move to a free platform like php because we are Adobe believers, but this in my opinion speaks VERY bad about Adobe.

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                                                                        cfwiz Level 1

                                                                        I totally agree.  Why did they do this in secret?  That only means that they did not want to mess up their stocks and they are planning an exit.  I guess the freeware world wins.  Adobe – Shame on you.  It clearly states on the CC pages that Adobe values the feedback of the community but why has Adobe not even commented once on any of this?  I am willing to bet that they don’t even read this and just don’t care what people think.  It is obvious.

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                                                                          pixculim Level 1

                                                                          One more thing, at least Adobe should include the Coldfusion builder on the Creative Cloud membership, I just visited the Adobe website and found out that I now have to pay additional 100+ dlls to get a copy of Coldfusion builder 2 , plus my CC subscription.


                                                                          That is nuts!!

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                                                                            cfwiz Level 1

                                                                            I don’t think that is necessary.  The paid version only gets you debugging.  You don’t need that as you can always debug using the testing server output and other methods such as cfdump etc.  Therefore, it looks like it is free.

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                                                                              jeffgtr2 Level 1

                                                                              Not to be defending Adobe here, but if you let the trial expire for CF Builder 2 it goes into "Express" mode which is free. Actually more functionality in Express mode than DW6 had. I think it should be included in CC but the free version does work well once you get used to it.

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                                                                                jbliss0J6c Level 1

                                                                                > why has Adobe not even commented once on any of this? 


                                                                                Three of them did here: http://www.raymondcamden.com/index.cfm/2013/6/18/Creative-Cloud-is-Here#comments


                                                                                > I now have to pay additional 100+ dlls to get a copy of Coldfusion builder 2


                                                                                Only if you require functionality in the non-free version. Otherwise, cost is $0.


                                                                                I agree that Adobe could have been more forthcoming ahead of this release. However, your options seem clear to me:


                                                                                - Enjoy ACF10, ACF11, etc and learn how to use the excellent CFB or another IDE. (This is what I'm doing.)


                                                                                - Learn PHP and continue using DW.


                                                                                Again, please read comments from Adobe employees, Raymond Camden, Ben Forta, and Alejandro Gutierrez, product manager for Dreamweaver, here: http://www.raymondcamden.com/index.cfm/2013/6/18/Creative-Cloud-is-Here#comments

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