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    Total Crash (CC) on attempting to Create a Fluid Grid Layout!

    jonfreed77 Level 1

      I hope someone can recreate this, because I'm climbing up the walls right now.  Where to start?  I'm trying to create a single fluid-grid page.  I'm too tired to repeat the steps concisely, but after being prompted to save my CSS, I do.  That's when the errors begin. 


      First one:

      Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 1.22.41 AM.png

      2) Then, when opening the files, it's just blank.  No grids, no layout code, just a plain HTML file.  So, then,I figure I should save everything, to "generate" the boilerplate CSS, and the JQuery min page, which should probably appear by default, but I go to save anyway.  That's when it crashes.  So, I open again.  Try to open the first file I created: crash. 


      3) So, I figured maybe my installation was botched.  I uninstall and reinstall.  Same crashes.  So, I figured maybe there might be corrupt files in my web folder (really just trying anything at this point.) So, I create a brand-new site. Same exact scenario.  


      Now, I understand no one has really had an opportunity to experiment, so this is probably a silly exercise, but maybe someone can recreate this?


      I'm too tired to explain anymore but I was really, really hoping that I could use this option to lay out a working comp for a client.  Job starts Wednesday. It's not possible to learn Responsive Design in a week, as someone suggested, so I'm really at a loss... I simple don't know what to do!