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    premiere pro CC doesn't launch !

    Gbee64 Level 1

      Hey, i was very exited this morning because of the CC release ! I started to install After Effects CC (work perfectly), photoshop CC (work perfectly) but Premiere CC doesn't lauch at all ! Windows force close the program at the very begining of the loading screen....... I tried to reboot my pc, CC did one small update for each of the 3 programs, i was thinking : "nice, the bug is already solved !"... but it still doesn't work.... (only Premiere).

      Does anybody has the same problem ? I hope Adobe will find an issue as soon as possible.


      My setup : Windows 7 pro on a Dell precision m4700 (core i7 3820QM, Nvidia quadro k2000m, 16Go of RAM, installed on a SSD)...


      thanks ! please apologize my messy english !