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    Importing Word documents - graphics locked?


      Ok, so I have watched dozens of videos, even joined Lynda and I am still stumped!  I am a PS CS6 user for many years, so I am familiar with the adobe line of software.

      However, I am trying to import a 60 page word document, tried .doc and .docx versions, with the same result - all of the pictures and graphics are Anchored and I am not able to:


      1.  Move graphics independently of text.

      2.  I cannot wrap text around an image, even playing with the wrap text box, nothing changed.  No matter what I do with the images, the text starts at the bottom of the image and stays there.

      3. I tried deleting a picture, and re-placing it within the text frame, and it continued to be locked.


      Help!  I don't know why this is happening,