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    Camera Shake

    Yaser kamgar

      Well hi there,I edit AMV's (Anime music videos) im not a biginner but not a pro as well.


      Most of people use sony vegas to create smooth and gentle shakes but since im addicted to after effects i cant use sony vegas,The video im about to show has a really gentle shake and i wanted to achieve something similar to that in after effects,I tried to use Wiggle but turning the value of wiggle to 0 to stop the shake will cause really unpleasing shake before it stops(by that i mean keyframing wiggle using slider control).Some one told me to use position/rotation keyframes but you see when i use them they happen way too fast and its not as gentle as that video.


      in this video at 0:2 when camera goes down and shake starts   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpQKcFwO04w



      If you guys could help me out on this i would really appreciate it.


      i'm always keen to learn more and more and expand my imagination.