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    changing margins in existing document without changing position photo's&text




      I'm working on a book in Indesign, mostly with photo's and some text blocks, with facing pages.

      Now, in order to allow extra space for the binding process, I want to


      adjust the paper size from a custom size a4 landscape, to a4 landscape plus 5 cm (so 347 mm width and 21 height).

      the extra space is needed in the middle of my lay-out, so my left page has an added margin of 5 cm on the right and my right page has an added 5 cm on the left (am I explaining this correctly? my book just needs extra cm's in the middle for the bookbinding process).


      I was able to increase my paper size etc, adjust the margin, but somehow my lay-out goes totally wonky. I want to stay my lay-out the same, just that everything shifts 5 cm to the left on the left sided pages of my book and 5cm to the right on the right sided pages.


      How to do this without having to do my lay out all over again manually?


      Thanks so much!

      Noes K.