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    Track matte key. Am I doing something wrong?

    Themis_37 Level 1

      Hello everyone. I'd appreciate it if you could help me on the following: On a Premiere sequence, I have 3 video tracks. Tracks Video 1 and Video 2 contain 2 separate clips and track Video 3 contains a jpg static video matte (black and white). What I need to do is I want to use the jpg image as matte, so all I do is place the three assets on top of each other and then apply a track matte to Video 2, set its matte to Video 3, set compositing to luma and bingo! My 2 videos on track 1 and 2 are now playing with the mask I set to them.


      Now say I want to scale up in my clip in video track 2, so that I focus on a different part of it, but with the mask applied and not changed at all. What I found out is that no matter whether I scale the clip before or after I apply the track matte key, the result is applied on both the mask AND the clip. Why does this happen? Is it a version bug or do I get something wrong? Shouldn't the clip scale be able to get carried out independently of the applied track matte? And why is this procedure carried out as it should be on After Effects but not in Premiere?


      To get a better idea of what I mean, I uploaded a video on YouTube, regarding the issue. As you'll see, to get the exact matte size from one clip change to another, i had to split the mask jpg using the razor and then apply a different scale on it. What would be the case if I had, say, 20 different tracks?


      The clip is located here http://youtu.be/da52U9ZfLAw


      Thanks in advance