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    Scroll buttons in the TimeLine's ScrollBar in AdobePremiere CS6


      I see a lot of questions about scroll speed in TimeLine, but I used very intense the scroll buttons, when i had long TimeLines (more than 4 hours) and I was with ZoomIn near 90%.


      Does anyone know, is it possible to enable scroll buttons in the TimeLine's ScrollBar in AdobePremiere CS6, as it was in CS5/CS4 ?


      CS5 image: http://www.maclife.com/files/u129772/2010/06/premiere_full.jpg

      CS6 image: http://www.100acrefilms.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Premiere-Pro-CS6.png


      On demo CS5 image, On the bottom margin, the horizontal scrollbar from TimeLine has Left and Right scroll Buttons.


      On demo CS6 image, on the bottom margin the horizontal scrollbar from TimeLine doesn't contain any scroll buttons.



      Actually there are no scroll buttons available in Premiere CS6, as in a classic scrollbar.


      I'd like to have back the scroll buttons in the horizontal scrollbar from the TimeLine, which were available in version CS5, CS4, CS3, Pro2.  


      In TimeLines with 3 more hours it was very handy to go to right or to left even I had zoomed In.

      I pressed on left/right scroll  button in TimeLine and I was able to deplace with some (or more) frames in desired side.


      Thank you for answers / suggestions.