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    After Effects CC won't start!


      Installed and uninstalled several times, keep getting the same errors. Mac Pro Running up to date Mountain Lion.


      AftereffectsCC error 1 copy.jpg

      AftereffectsCC error 2 copy.jpg

      AftereffectsCC error 3 copy.jpg

      Any help to solve this would be appreciated.

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          Did you get any error message when you installed the After effect CC ?

          What is your Operating system ?

          Do you have any previous version of the After effects present on the machine ?

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            UndeadHead Level 1

            Mac os 10.8.4


            No errors on install


            I currently have After Effects CS6 already installed.

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              Power Blender

              I have the exact same error with my after effects cc :


              "After Effects error: CT bad param: TrueType or CFF font expected (83 :: 2)"


              I click on "ok", then :


              "After Effects warning: Unknown Exception"


              I click on "ok" again, then :


              "After Effects can't continue: unexpected failure during application startup"


              And then it crashes brutally.


              I'm working on mac os x 10.7.5

              I have CS5 and 6 already installed on my computer.


              Does anybody knows a way around this ?


              I tried to locate the preference file and trash it, such as suggested on other forums.

              But I didn't find one in the directory suggested (library/preferences/adobe/adobe after effects).

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                rexomus Level 1

                Yeah, I am hving the same issue. I am running Windows 7 64. The only program that will open is Premiere Pro CS6. I am currently uninstalling all CS6 software, will reboot and reinstall CC software and let you know if that works.

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                  UndeadHead Level 1

                  I was beginning to think I was the only one...


                  The preference thing is going to be a dead end as it never gets far enough in it's startup process to create a preference file.


                  It'll be interesting to see if it's due to having previous versions installed.

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                    did you get any actual information about this issue? I have the same problem with after effetcs cc. Found some old post on creative cow calling out the same problem with "ct bad param": http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/2/901222 . It seems to be connected to certain fonts on your computer, which cannot be interpreted by after effcts. But I did not solve this problem yet (to find the right font and deinstall it is no good workaround, cause there are too many possibilities), so hope to get help soon.

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                      rexomus Level 1

                      After uninstalling all previous versions of Adobe software (CS6 and CC), I reinstalled AE CC and it works. I also reinstalled Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, ect. But now other my other CC apps will not open?

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                        FlorianKapfer Level 1

                        the problem is, that I cannot just simply uninstall all my cs6 apps, cause i am actual using a ton of 3.party plugins (eg in ae) and working on a project which has a realy narrow timeline. And if any of of the creative cloud apps will not work after uninstalling the cs6 ones - i am lost. there hast to be another solution. By the way - the online chat help of adobe is making me realy angry. You have to wait for hours and there is still no free operator.

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                          FlorianKapfer Level 1

                          Thx Jeff A Wright, that is what I will do.

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                            rexomus Level 1

                            Ok, so everything worked earlier, now nothing works. None of the apps will open. Grrrr!

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                              I'm having the same problem! It's really frustrating... I don't have any font conflicts in fontbook but that's what the crash seems to be stemming from

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                                rexomus Level 1

                                So far ive had the apps working and just quit and then they will not open up again. i reboot and still nothing.

                                So i unistalled everything and then I rebooted. Then I re-installed all my CS6 apps and applied all the updates, rebooted, and then I ran every app to make sure they worked. Rebooted again and then I installed Ps CC and Pr CC. Both are working so far. I'll re-install Ae CC tomorrow and update if everything is working. This is so frustrating.

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                                  dashart21 Level 1

                                  We have the same problem on 2 devices:

                                  - Macbook Pro 17" (2010) Mac OS 10.7.5 (my device)

                                  - Macbook Pro 17" (2010) Mac OS 10.7.5 (device from my teammate)


                                  On my Macbook AIR with Mac OS 10.8.4 After Effects CC is running fine.


                                  Before we had installed After Effects CS6 on each device.

                                  On every device nearly the same fonts are installed.


                                  It seems to be maybe an Mac OS 10.7.x related problem?



                                  During the "error" alerts an Adobe popup appeared sometime,

                                  which said a crash-log will be generated (not the default Apple crash dialoge).


                                  Can somebody tell me where I can found this crashlog, so I can post it here to bring a little more light into the darkness?

                                  The dailoge said the crash log will be generated by:

                                  /Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Common/dynamiclink/7.0/dynamiclinkmanager.app

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                                    DanSaysHey Level 1

                                    I finally got things working late last night! It took some digging through font book but apparently I had a few corrupted fonts after all (found using the validate tool) and once they were removed, everything worked fine. By the way, I'm running OS X 10.8.4 on a late 2012 macbook pro. 


                                    Dashart, I think most logs can be found in one of the Library/logs folders, or in your application install location. Hope that helps you out!

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                                      FlorianKapfer Level 1

                                      did you remove the "red" marked ones or also the "yellow" marked fonts? In my case only removing the realy "red" ones did not solve the problem.

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                                        dashart21 Level 1

                                        Yeah ...

                                        I had around 32 corrupt fonts and some duplicates.

                                        I removed the corrupt fonts and fixed the duplicates ... now After Effects is running.


                                        Thanks to my clients which provided me defect fonts ...

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                                          rexomus Level 1

                                          So I just reinstalled each product one by one and open each one and rebooted several times for each app. Everything worked fine each time until....I installed Adobe Bridge CC. Now nothing will open. No CS6 apps or CC apps. I uninstalled Br and still nothing works.

                                          So Here I go again. Uninstall everything AGAIN! Grrr!

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                                            UndeadHead Level 1

                                            Problem solved for me, what is was I have a postscript font version of Arial (Arial MT) installed, as soon as I deactivated that in fontbook, After Effects CC loaded, the problem stems from bad font naming the system TrueType Arial regular has exactly the same font description of Arial MT regular, so although font book doesn't see and flag them as duplicates (due to them being different types of font), other badly coded software doesn't recognise the difference and they clash, hence why it was saying at the forst warning TrueType or CFF font expected.


                                            This is a definite bug as before CS6 worked fine with Arial MT loaded, shocking that it won't load because of a font, do they not test these things before release?


                                            Anyway I hope this solves the problem for you guys and gals as it did for me.

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                                              DanSaysHey Level 1

                                              I did have to remove both; thankfully there weren't a ton but I, like dashart below me, seem to have gotten some bum fonts from clients.


                                              Hopefully this is a bug in AE that can get worked out by the team; I'd hate to have a font come in for a gig and then install it only to then see AE crash without opening

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                                                Power Blender Level 1

                                                Hi guys,


                                                My attempts in installing after effects cc were finally successful :

                                                I'm working on a 17" IMac, osx 10.7.5


                                                1. First, I tried to install Mountain Lion instead of Lion (osx 10.8.4)


                                                > Did not do anything



                                                2. Second, uninstall creatives suits (cs5, cs5.5, cs6 and cc) and reinstall after effects cc


                                                > Did not do anything



                                                3. Third, I looked in the font book for corrupted or duplicate fonts (you can scan and disable the suspicious yellow and red marked fonts)


                                                > At this moment, opening after effects resulted in the error message : After effects warning: Unable to load font "^o" "verdana"



                                                4. Fourth, I reactivated the Verdana font family in the Font book application


                                                > It worked, After effects cc is now up and running !



                                                I hope it may help a few people !

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                                                  Jonah_Lee Level 1

                                                  Have you tried booting as another user? I called Adobe and did the whole Tech Support call. They had me login as root, and every app worked (previously only Bridge worked and I kept having the dynamiclinkmanager crash). As soon as they saw that they worked, they said I had conflict in my user and they would not help me and I should call Apple!


                                                  Since Disk Utility only repairs your system, i decided to try the recovery partition. http://pondini.org/OSX/Password.html you want to reset your home folder permission and ACL through the lost password utility. After doing this everything seems to work (though photoshop has ome weirdness trying to import my old prefs). Hopefully this will solve te issues you are having.

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                                                    dashart21 Level 1

                                                    No I have not tried an other user, every time I communicate with the Adobe support, this is the first step I should do.

                                                    If it works with an other user Adobe only says ... clear your profile or call Apple ...

                                                    Since CS5.5 every CS of Adobe has minimum one hard bug, which stops the start of the nearly minimum one app (last time it was Audition) ... so I am asking me where is the QM?


                                                    Next point, what Adobe is doing in under Library/Application Preferences/Adobe ... holly **** I really never saw a preferences directory which is so heavy messed up.



                                                    But back to the main problem:


                                                    As UndeadHead mentioned THIS IS DEFINITLY A BUG.

                                                    After Effects is not able to catch the case if one of the loaded fonts is not TTF or OTF and there is no fallback.
                                                    This for me as a developer is to 100 percent really bad coding style.


                                                    My teammate had to disable per hand up to 80 correct working fonts, until he disabled the font which After Effects tried to load as OTF / TTF and breaks the start up.


                                                    So, dear Adobe community manager here, there is enough bug details reported, file an internal bug ticket and let it fix! Because the regular support team from Adobe will not track this is a bug -.-

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                                                      Jonah_Lee Level 1

                                                      Yes, the no help with conflicts in your user folder is beyond frustrating.


                                                      I have had font conlicts in the past, but don't seem to have the issue while running extensis suitcase.


                                                      And I was having different weirdness with literally every app execpt bridge, but resetting the permissions of my home folder did help that.

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                                                        Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                        Hi UndeadHead,

                                                        See if the steps in the following article solves your problem:





                                                        • 25. Re: After Effects CC won't start!

                                                          I spent two days trying to fix this problem including two very frustrating sessions with Adobe Techs who remotely took over my computer and did the same process described in the bencollier.net link, twice, despite my having informed them that I had already tried it.


                                                          My Verdana was fine all along. But I got the same errors: "After Effects error: CT bad param: TrueType or CFF font expected" I even watched as they activated and deactivated my Arial Rounded with no luck.


                                                          The only solution that the Adobe techs could come up with was to create a new User, log in as that user and launch AE. It works fine then, of course there's no access to anything from my user folder. Adobe's techs concluded that all of our machines have corrupted user files.


                                                          I work in a studio that has 20 Macs. We have 10 licenses for Creative Cloud. On every computer that runs AE CC, the app crashes when AE CC is launched. None of them crash when AE CS6 is launched.


                                                          After talking with some people with tech support at Apple, Extensis, and Gen Arts (all of whom complained about how unstable After Effects is) we opened the Activity Monitor. A process called fontd could be seen running in the background. We Quit Process on it and relaunched After Effects CC. As soon as AE CC launches the process fontd reappears but AE CC runs fine now. No matter how many times we quit and relaunch After Effects CC, it runs fine as long as we don't log out or restart the system. If we do have to log out or restart we just repeat that one step. It's a lot easier than logging in as a different user.


                                                          Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 3.14.18 PM.png

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                                                            dashart21 Level 1



                                                            to repeat it:


                                                            This BUG (yes non catching this is a BUG) occurs in three cases:

                                                            One of the internal in AE used fonts is:
                                                            - not activated

                                                            - corrupt

                                                            - a none TTF / OTF font like a postscript font


                                                            Simple solution if, nobody by Adobe is interessted in integrarting a workaround:

                                                            Within the Error-Popup "After Effects error: CT bad param: TrueType or CFF font expected (83 :: 2)"

                                                            show the dammed font name which the app tries to load!


                                                            So give us a list of the in AE used fonts,

                                                            so users with this bug can check every of the fonts is a TTF / OTF font.


                                                            And this bug will be occuring until a fix again and again and again.

                                                            Because ... (surprise) as customers of Adobe we are working mostly in a Creative agency,

                                                            where every client want his own fonts.


                                                            Should we say to our clients:
                                                            "Sorry, I think your fonts are nice, but we must use Adobe tools, and so we can not install new fonts"

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                                                              theangietaylor Adobe Community Professional

                                                              As a workaround you could use a font manager to disable all fonts except system fonts and see if this works. Then it could be a process of re-installing any corrupt fonts or duplicate fonts.

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                                                                sealock713 Level 1

                                                                After some more calls to Adobe and Extensis we decided to uninstall Suitcase Fusion 4.


                                                                It appears that even though Suitcase was not even running when these problems occurred, a background process called FMCore or some other Suitcase-related process was interferring with After Effects CC. Once we downloaded the Suitcase Uninstaller and ran it, After Effects now boots up properly.


                                                                But I agree with dashart21. This is a bug and it's ridiculous for Adobe to blame Apple and all the third-party software manufacturers just because their current application throws a fit, especially when their previous versions never had this problem.

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                                                                  Anand Sachan Adobe Employee

                                                                  Please check if you have the Font Agent Pro installed in the system.

                                                                  Font Agent Pro has a list of Postscript Fonts and some of them are enabled. Disable all the fonts and then log out and log in again, launch Font Agent Pro again and make sure that no postscript fonts are activated.



                                                                  - no need to end the fontd process, no root user login



                                                                  P.S. make sure that no Postscript font is enabled..



                                                                  Please try installing  the current update of After Effects CC as it also has a fix related to it...

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                                                                    americaninventive Level 1

                                                                    Simply reactivating Verdana in Font Book (or in my case,  adding it back to Font Book after it got moved when installing Suitcase) solved my AE CC launch problem. Hooray. Thanks everyone for all the tips - that's the one that worked for me.

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                                                                      I went into fontbook and selected all my fonts did Validate fonts removed any error fonts. Uninstalled AE and Reinstalled restarted and it worked fine

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                                                                        FlorianKapfer Level 1

                                                                        Hi sealock713


                                                                        sounds like a great workaround and feel happy, that your system accept it. Thx for sharing. Unfortunately my system (also mac) wont work with it. I realy start getting mad, cause the adobe help is just sobering... and there is no solution in sight. :/

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                                                                          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                                          Thanks UndeadHead,

                                                                          We now have a knowledge base article with a possible solution. Please check it out and see if it helps:






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                                                                            FlorianKapfer Level 1

                                                                            Thx sooo much Kevin Monahan. !!! This is the solution. Now it is running.

                                                                            • 36. Re: After Effects CC won't start!

                                                                              Hi Kevin, I have the error also and I tryed to remove the Type 1 PostScript font Arial MT. It seems like that font is not in my system, or I cant locate it. I found and removed my Arial MT fonts in my Fontbook/FontAgent Pro, restarted, and still errors.


                                                                              Then I tried the Library folders:

                                                                              • HD/Library/Fonts - (No Arial MT here)
                                                                              • HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts - (No Fonts Folder here, only "FlashFonts1", "FontsRecommened", and "FontsRequired" none of which contain Arial MT or any fonts for that matter)
                                                                              • HD/Users/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts - (No Arial MT here)


                                                                              Any alternatives?

                                                                              • 37. Re: After Effects CC won't start!
                                                                                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                                                                                Hi tastesgoodtimes,

                                                                                Sorry for your issues. If nothing in this thread is working for you, I suggest contacting tech support: http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html


                                                                                Get a case opened up, take note of the case number and work with the agent(s) to get it resolved. If you have trouble getting your issue solved after that, let me know and I'll escalate the case for you.




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                                                                                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                                                                  This bug is fixed in the After Effects CC (12.1) update:



                                                                                  Let us know how this works for when you've tried with the new update.