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    FB2 newbie question/advice

      Hi - hope someone with experience of Flex can help out with some advice here. I need to put some listings online which will then be searchable by company name or product category (some companies will have more than one category, some only one). Ordinarily I'd do this in ASP with an Access db and set up the search routines, but I want to try and get my hands dirty with Flex Builder 2 before my trial period runs out and wondered whether it would be a sensible idea? I'm assuming that it's probably not too hard to set up, the tedious part would be creating the XML file with the company name, address details, etc etc.
      Those of you who've used Flex for a while, what do you think? Worth it, or shall I stick with ASP and Access?
      Thanks in advance for your help/advice.
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          I think Flex is an excellent choice for what you want to do. Just create a PHP script, or anything really, that returns the data as XML. Then you can pretty easily use the returned xml in data providers for one or more controls. The FlexBuilder help system is great, so if you have problems with manipulating the xml in Flex, etc. check the help and post to the Flex general questions forum. Flex is great!
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            jeffmg Level 1
            Thanks Greg, time pressure is pushing me down the Access/ASP route but once this project is out of the way and I've got more time I want to get to grips with Flex and think this would be a good way to try it out.
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              camfieldaj Level 1
              As soon as you get this into production as an ASP/Access solution, immediately start rewriting it in Flex. As Greg pointed out, you can use PHP to automate the XML creation and if you haven't used PHP, don't worry ASP and PHP are very similar. As for the rest of it, I think you will be very pleased at how fast it progresses. Being under a deadline often makes us think that something will take twice as long as it really does. Also, you may want to install MySQL and try it instead of Access. That would make the whole process of moving from ASP to PHP to Flex more natural.