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    Auto export full length & question about linking offline media

    Windbrand1 Level 1

      I have two questions:

      1. Is there a setting so that premiere automatically export the FULL LENGTH of my project without having to manually drag that bar at the top to the end of the project? On multiple occasions I forgot to drag that tiny bar at the top and ended up exporting a project that is missing a few seconds from the end when I added something to the project, so I have to re-export the entire thing which takes yet another hour. Extremely frustrating.


      2. How do I link offline media? I select one or more segments of offline media then go to project -> link media, but that link is always greyed out?? Clip -> link is also greyed out. I'm forced to delete the offline media, re-import my media, re-cut the clip and re-insert the clip and it's highly annoying.