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    Password protected sites and Edge Inspect


      Hi forum members,


      Is it possible to view password-protected sites using Edge Inspect? I saw that you can pass a login/password in the URL in an unsecured site, but is it possible to pass login credentials to a site like Gmail or Facebook (or even posting to this forum) so that I can login using my laptop and see the resulting inbox/newsfeed/etc on my mobile device? I do a lot of work behind secure logins; this feature would be greatly appreciated and actually thought it was coming with this last release. Any help would be apprecated!

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          Hi RAI-NYC,


          You're right, that feature isn't in the latest release. We've looked into it some but it hasn't made the cut yet. I'll pass this along to the Edge Inspect product manager as another vote for this feature.



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            brucebowman Employee Moderator

            Hi RAI-NYC,


            We've got this in our product backlog, and it will be considered for a future release. We've also discussed a feature that shares cookies across connected Edge Inspect devices. This hasn't come up very often as a feature request, which is why it has been prioritized lower.


            Bruce Bowman

            Edge Inspect product manager

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              RAI-NYC Level 1

              Thanks Mark and Bruce! It's unfortuante that it's not available yet. To be sure, can you explain the new HTTP authentication and HTTPS support features listed here: http://html.adobe.com/edge/inspect/features.html and the difference between those and the request above? I'm pretty new to the software so any clarification would be appreciated!

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                Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee
                • HTTP Authentication Support - Admittedly this is worded a bit confusingly. Basically what this is saying is that if you browse to a page with a login dialog/page, that it will be shown in the web view component in the Edge Inspect UI on the device, so you can log in there. Then it mentions that alternately, if your page supports login via credentials-in-url (e.g. http://username:password@domain.com/index.htmlpassword@domain.com/index.html) that those will be used by Edge Inspect on the device to log you in.


                • HTTPS Support - This means that if you're testing a page with unsigned SSL certificates (which is by far the more common case while developing a site), that Edge Inspect has implemented support for that on the device clients and will present you with the standard dialog that allows you to ignore the unsigned certificate and proceed.


                What I understood your original post to be asking for was the ability to navigate to your password-protected page in Chrome, type in your credentials once into the page on your computer, have the page complete it's login, then transfer either the credentials themselves or the cookie containing the login token over to the devices so that login would happen automatically on each device without needing to touch them. If I understood your request correctly, then that's what doesn't happen currently in Edge Inspect.


                Hope this helps,