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    HELP! Major error [cpp-1014] and on a deadline.


      I'm six months in to a large history/documentary of our church. The project is eighteen minutes in length with multiple After Effects/Photo Animation etc. There are large amounts of old photos and videos from various media. I've made several projects like this before, but never one this large and detailed.


      The showing is in two weeks.


      I'm suddenly getting the error message "Premiere Pro has encountered an error. [/Volumes/BuildDisk/build/slightlybuilt/shared/adobe/MediaCore/ASL/Make/Mac/.../.../Src/T imecode.cpp-1014.}


      I've tried using the backup drive instead/repairing permissions/using autosaved files created before I had the problem/running the project on two separate computers.


      I've run out of ideas. Please help soon.